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  • E-Collar Technologies, Transmitter for EZ-904

E-Collar Technologies, Transmitter for EZ-904

by E-Collar Technologies Item #: 1307940-00400
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Revitalize Your EZ-904 System with a Replacement Transmitter
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Utilize the power of cutting-edge technology with the E-Collar Technologies, Transmitter for EZ-904. This impressive replacement transmitter is specifically designed for an EZ-904 system, ensuring seamless compatibility and optimum performance.

When it's time to revitalize your EZ-904 system, this transmitter stands as the perfect choice. It breathes new life into your device, maintaining the high level of functionality and success in training that E-Collar Technologies is known for. The EZ-904 transmitter is designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring it fits perfectly with your current system and provides the same, if not better, level of performance.

Experience the benefits of innovation and excellence with E-Collar Technologies, Transmitter for EZ-904. Keep your training regimen uninterrupted and continue achieving impressive results. Trust E-Collar Technologies to provide a reliable solution to keep your EZ-904 system up and running effectively.

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E-Collar Technologies, Transmitter for EZ-904 Q&A

Is this transmitter compatible with other E-Collar Technologies systems?
This transmitter is specifically designed for the EZ-904 system.
How do I pair the transmitter with my current EZ-904 system?
Simply follow the pairing instructions provided in the user manual.
Does this transmitter come with a warranty?
Please check with the seller for warranty information.
Can I use this transmitter for multiple dogs?
Yes, it can be used for multiple dogs if your system supports it.
Is the E-Collar Technologies EZ-904 Transmitter water-resistant?
Please refer to the manufacturer's specifications for information on water-resistance.
How durable is this replacement transmitter?
E-Collar Technologies is known for its reliability and durability in its products.
How far is the range of this transmitter?
The range will be the same as that of the original EZ-904 transmitter.
Does the transmitter come with a user manual?
Please check with the seller for information on included documentation.
Can I use this transmitter with other brands of e-collars?
This transmitter is specifically designed for E-Collar Technologies EZ-904 systems.
Will this transmitter work with older EZ-904 systems?
As long as your system is an EZ-904, this transmitter should be compatible.

Item Specifications

Product NameE-Collar Technologies, Transmitter for EZ-904
PurposeReplacement transmitter for EZ-904 system
Related Termsez-904 transmitter, e-collar transmitter, e-collar 904 transmitter
CompanyE-Collar Technologies
Product CategoryAccessories, Training

E-Collar Technologies EZ-904 Transmitter Replacement

The E-Collar Technologies, Transmitter for EZ-904 presents an excellent solution for replacing a lost, damaged, or aged transmitter for your EZ-904 system. This top-quality replacement ensures continued functionality and training success, making it an absolute necessity for those who rely on this fantastic device for dog training.

Featuring compatibility with your existing E-Collar Technologies EZ-904 system and renowned for its reliability and durability, this replacement transmitter is the perfect accessory to revive your training routine. You'll be back to effectively training your dog using the trusted and effective methods that E-Collar Technologies provides.

Don't let a faulty or misplaced transmitter hold you back from achieving the best results with your canine companion. The E-Collar Technologies, Transmitter for EZ-904 can be easily paired with your current training system, giving you the confidence and control to keep your training sessions on track.

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