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  • Avery, Standard Dog Parka, Bottomland

Avery, Standard Dog Parka, Bottomland

by Avery Item #: 903071-M
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Keep Your Dog Warm and Protected with Avery Standard Dog Parka
$39.99 - $44.99$39.99
Keep your hunting dog warm and protected with the Avery Standard Dog Parka in the striking Bottomland camouflage pattern. This parka is expertly crafted from 3mm neoprene that not only guarantees warmth but also promises durability, providing a protective layer for your dog during chilly morning hunts and other outdoor adventures.

One of the unique selling points of this dog parka is its full-length zipper cover. This feature is designed to shield the zipper from ice and debris, ensuring the parka's longevity even in harsh weather conditions. Additionally, the parka includes a cold-weather zipper pull, allowing you to secure your dog's parka without having to remove your gloves in freezing temperatures.

The Avery Standard Dog Parka is constructed to withstand the test of time, featuring double-tacked seams for extra strength. These seams also allow you to tailor the parka to your dog's unique shape without compromising the durability of the garment.

Available in a variety of sizes, from Medium to 3X Large, the Avery Standard Dog Parka is designed to fit almost every breed, regardless of their size. With the Avery Standard Dog Parka, your dog can stay warm and protected, allowing them to enjoy the great outdoors, no matter the weather.
  • Tapered cut with 3mm neoprene
  • Full-length zipper cover
  • Cold weather zipper pull
  • Double-tacked seams
  • Easily customized for perfect fit

Size Chart

X Large1931
2X Large
3X Large2135

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Avery, Standard Dog Parka, Bottomland Q&A

What is the material used for the Avery Standard Dog Parka?
The parka is made of 3mm neoprene.
What are some key features of the Avery Standard Dog Parka?
Some key features include a full-length zipper cover, cold-weather zipper pull, double-tacked seams, and easy customization for the perfect fit.
Is the parka suitable for both hunting and water dogs?
Yes, the parka is suitable for both hunting dogs and water dogs.
How does the Avery Standard Dog Parka protect against cold weather?
The 3mm neoprene material helps keep your dog warm, while the full-length zipper cover prevents ice and debris from reaching the zipper.
Can I easily customize the fit of the Avery Standard Dog Parka?
Yes, the double-tacked seams allow for easy customization without damaging the parka.
What pattern is featured on the Avery Standard Dog Parka?
The parka showcases a bottomland camo pattern.
Is the parka comfortable for dogs to wear?
The parka is designed to keep your dog warm and comfortable during colder weather and outdoor adventures.
Can the Avery Standard Dog Parka be worn during waterfowl season?
Yes, the parka is perfect for waterfowl season as it provides warmth, protection, and a camo pattern.
What is the name of the camo pattern on the parka?
The camo pattern is called Bottomland.
How do I use the cold-weather zipper pull?
The cold-weather zipper pull is designed for easy use without having to remove your gloves.

Item Specifications

ProductAvery Standard Dog Parka
Material3mm neoprene
Additional protectionFull-length zipper cover
Special featureCold weather zipper pull
StrengthDouble-tacked seams
CustomizationEasily customized for a perfect fit
Design/PatternBottomland camo
TypeDog vest
Ideal forHunting dogs, water dogs

Avery Standard 3mm Neoprene Dog Parka - Bottomland Camo

Introducing the Avery Standard Dog Parka, designed to keep your canine companion warm and protected during those chilly mornings and in colder environments. This 3mm neoprene vest showcases a bottomland camo pattern to blend in with natural surroundings.

Featuring a full-length zipper cover and a cold-weather zipper pull, the Avery Standard Dog Parka ensures easy use and protection against ice and debris. The double-tacked seams provide extra strength and enable you to customize the fit without damaging the parka.

Suitable for hunting dogs, water dogs, and all canines in need of protection in colder conditions, the Avery Standard Dog Parka is the ultimate piece of gear for your trusty companion. Keep your dog safe, warm, and comfortable during every outdoor adventure.

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