• Stuey Sock Monkey Knottie
  • Stuey Sock Monkey Knottie
  • Stuey Sock Monkey Knottie
  • Stuey Sock Monkey Knottie
  • Stuey Sock Monkey Knottie
  • Stuey Sock Monkey Knottie

Stuey Sock Monkey Knottie

by HuggleHounds Item #: 1374150-M
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$16.99 - $24.99$16.99
The Original Sock Monkey Knottie will be your puppy's favorite right out of the box. But they are made to give dogs of all ages hours and hours of canine fun!

They're available in two sizes to give fun and joy to all breeds of dogs. The Original Sock Monkey Knottie is made of the Tuffut Technology lining which means extra layers of lining to give this toy extra durability and strength.

Your dog will simply love the Original Sock Monkey Knottie!


What HuggleHounds says about their Tuffut Technology:

Other manufacturers might tout tough toys, but HuggleHounds® invented the durable, double-layer Tuffut Technology® lining, identified by its firefly green color, so don’t settle for less.

Our innovative, exclusive lining means every Tuffut Technology® lined toy comes equipped with two hidden layers – tested to withstand 100# of tugging and pulling pressure – and the layers are laminated to one another. It is then affixed to the outside plush fabric before being sewn into the toys. This 2-layer process makes our toys so special – extra protection from aggressive chewers!

Look for our tag with a sample of our Tuffut Technology® lining when you shop for plush toys for your pet.


Of course, no toy is indestructible. As strong and well-made as these toys are, always supervise play with your dog to prevent accidental swallowing of any part of a toy. Loose parts can present a choking hazard or an intestinal blockage. If any part of a toy becomes damaged or separated, replace the toy. If your dog swallows any part of a toy, take your dog to a veterinarian immediately. And keep this toy away from children.


Never Fear, They’re Always Worth the Price!

One of the chief complaints HuggleHounds hears about dog toys is they don’t last, and people wrongly assume that could make them a waste of money. Below are a few of the many reasons you should always feel good about spending your hard-earned money on a toy for your dog.

1.Toys help with a dog’s emotional balance. Dogs that get the necessary physical and mental stimulation tend to be healthier and more emotionally well-balanced.

2.Playing with toys stimulates your dog’s mind and promotes problem-solving skills.

3.Toys keep dogs busy. And guess what? When your dog is busy, he doesn’t have time to get into trouble.

4.Toys help fulfill instinctive drives like ripping and shredding, hunting and finding food, and chasing and herding.

5.Toys help dogs expend energy. Fetching and retrieving help expend all that pent-up canine energy. And when you’re an active participant in the fun, you get the added benefit of bonding time with your pup. So go ahead, grab a toy and join the fun!

And of course, there’s another reason toys are such an important investment for your dog. Even if (or when) a toy gets shredded or damaged, remember, that could have been your shoe, your sock, your power cord, your rug, your… you get the picture.

Never deprive your dog of toys because you think they’re a waste of money. Toys are made to be played with, and with dogs, that can sometimes mean destruction. And that’s another reason why selecting the right toy – one designed and manufactured with the utmost safety in mind – is so crucial. Consider the purchase an investment in your dog’s emotional well-being.


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