• HuggleFleece Man, Grey

HuggleFleece Man, Grey

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Introducing the HuggleFleece Man - The Ultimate Toy for Your Dog
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Ahhh, the HuggleFleece Man! The dog toy that you give your puppy, and they'll remember through their adult dog years.

The HuggleFleece Man is made of a very durable, synthetic lambswool. It is constructed with durable seams that are difficult to rip apart and can be washed endlessly. It's also quick drying so your dog won't be without their favorite toy.

Great for tugging and hours of chewing play.


Medium - 10.5" Tall

  • Made of dense, synthetic lambs wool
  • Durable seams
  • Machine washable
  • Dries quickly

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HuggleFleece Man, Grey Q&A

What is the HuggleFleece Man made of?
The HuggleFleece Man is made of dense, synthetic lambswool.
Is the HuggleFleece Man machine washable?
Yes, the HuggleFleece Man is machine washable.
Why is the HuggleFleece Man a good toy for dogs?
The HuggleFleece Man is a durable and comfortable toy, perfect for tugging and hours of chewing play.
What size is the HuggleFleece Man?
The medium size HuggleFleece Man is 10.5 inches tall.
Can adult dogs enjoy the HuggleFleece Man?
Yes, both puppies and adult dogs can enjoy the HuggleFleece Man.
Do the seams on the HuggleFleece Man easily rip?
No, the HuggleFleece Man is constructed with durable seams that are difficult to rip apart.
How quickly does the HuggleFleece Man dry?
The HuggleFleece Man dries quickly after washing.
Can I return the HuggleFleece Man if my dog doesn't like it?
Due to the nature of the product, there is a no-returns policy on chews, treats, and toys.
Is the HuggleFleece Man suitable for tug play?
Yes, the HuggleFleece Man is great for tug play.
Can I use the HuggleFleece Man as a puppy chew toy?
Yes, the HuggleFleece Man is perfect as a chew toy for puppies.

Item Specifications

Product NameHuggleFleece Man, Grey
MaterialDense, synthetic lambswool
DurabilityDurable seams, difficult to rip apart
WashableMachine washable
Drying SpeedQuick drying
Suitable Play ActivitiesTugging, chewing
SizeMedium - 10.5" Tall
Return PolicyNo returns on chews, treats, or toys

HuggleFleece Man: The Perfect Chew & Tug Toy for Your Dog

Introduce your dog to the HuggleFleece Man, a toy designed to accompany them through their puppy to adult years. Made of dense, synthetic lambswool, the HuggleFleece Man is a perfect combination of softness and durability.

The HuggleFleece Man is carefully constructed with robust seams, making it resistant to being ripped apart. This long-lasting toy can withstand rough play and hours of tugging and chewing.

The HuggleFleece Man is low-maintenance and convenient to clean, being machine washable and quick drying. Your dog will never have to be without their favorite plaything.