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  • HuggleFleece Mats
  • HuggleFleece Mats
  • HuggleFleece Mats
  • HuggleFleece Mats
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HuggleFleece Mats

by HuggleHounds Item #: 1374001-M
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Experience Ultimate Comfort with HuggleFleece Mats
$49.99 - $119.99$49.99
Presenting the HuggleFleece Mats, the perfect haven for your canine companion. Crafted from synthetic lambswool, these mats mimic the comfort and warmth of natural lambswool, creating an ultimate comfort zone for your dog. The mats are designed to provide a cushioning effect to your dog's joints and regulate their body temperature, ensuring they are always comfortable and cozy.

One of the unique selling points of the HuggleFleece Mats is their immense durability. They are designed to withstand the rigorous activities of your dog, with strong, hidden seams and no filling – making it difficult for your dog to rip apart. In addition to this, the mats are stain-resistant, ensuring they always look as good as new.

Cleaning is a breeze with these mats, as they are machine washable and dry in no time. This means less time spent on cleaning and more time spent enjoying the company of your dog.

Finding the perfect size for your kennel can often be a challenge, but not with the HuggleFleece Mats. Their exceptional flexibility allows them to fit into almost any kennel, providing a snug and comfortable resting spot for your dog. Even if they roll up on the sides or at the back, it only adds to the comfort factor.

The HuggleFleece Mats can be placed anywhere - be it the floor, the couch or their kennel. Your dog will soon find their favorite spot to rest and hang out.

The mats are available in various sizes - Small (23" x 30"), Medium (23" x 36"), Large (26" x 42"), X Large (30" x 48"), XX Large (37" x 54") - making it easy to find the perfect fit for your pooch.

Whether it's for crates, floors or simply a comfortable spot for your dog to sleep on, the HuggleFleece Mats are the ideal solution. Discover the ultimate combination of comfort, durability, and convenience with the HuggleFleece Mats.
  • Machine washable
  • Quick drying
  • Durable seams
  • Stain resistant
  • Exceptional wicking properties
  • Soft and comfortable

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HuggleFleece Mats Q&A

What material are HuggleFleece Mats made from?
They are made of synthetic lambswool.
How do HuggleFleece Mats help regulate body temperature?
Their synthetic lambswool material is designed to provide both warmth and insulation.
Are these mats durable?
Yes, they have no filling and feature strong, hidden seams to prevent tearing.
Can I machine wash HuggleFleece Mats?
Yes, they are machine washable and quick drying.
Are these mats suitable for use in a kennel?
Yes, their flexible design fits most kennels and provides utmost comfort.
Do HuggleFleece Mats resist stains?
Yes, they are stain-resistant for easy maintenance.
What makes these mats comfortable for my dog?
They cushion joints and provide a soft, cozy surface for resting or sleeping.
Can I use HuggleFleece Mats for traveling with my dog?
Yes, they are great for travel and can easily be rolled up for convenience.
Can these mats be used on various surfaces?
Yes, they can be placed on the floor, couch, or in a kennel.
Do HuggleFleece Mats come in different sizes?
They are designed to be flexible and can fit into most kennels, but be sure to check the measurements.

Item Specifications

MaterialSynthetic lambswool
ComfortCushions joints and regulates body temperature
DurabilityIncredibly durable with strong, hidden seams
Stain ResistanceStain-resistant
CareMachine washable and quick drying
FlexibilityFits into almost any kennel
UsesCrate cushion, dog bed, floor mat, traveling gear
FunctionProvides a comfortable place for dogs to rest

HuggleFleece Mats: Comfort and Durability for Your Dog

Introducing HuggleFleece Mats, the perfect solution for keeping your canine companion cozy and secure. Made of synthetic lambswool, these mats provide all the benefits of natural lambswool, ensuring comfort while cushioning joints and regulating body temperature. Perfect for use in a kennel, on the couch, or simply on the floor, HuggleFleece Mats offer unbeatable comfort.

Constructed with durability in mind, the HuggleFleece Mats have no filling and feature strong, hidden seams to prevent your dog from ripping them apart. They are stain-resistant and can be easily machine washed, with a quick drying time so your dog won't have to wait long for their favorite resting spot.

The flexible design of these HuggleFleece Mats means they can fit into almost any kennel or crate, providing ultimate convenience for dog owners who struggle to find the right size mat. Plus, their wicking properties make them an excellent choice for pups who like a little extra warmth.

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