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Tick Nipper

Item #: 1027000-00001
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The Tick Nipper is imperative when working or hunting your gun dog in tick country.

It is vital to remove ticks from you or your good dog as soon as possible and this tick nipper is perfect. The light but sturdy jaws safely lift out the tick without crushing it. Because of its size and weight, it's easy to carry and even has a magnifying hub for examining the tick!

The Tick Nipper is 4 1/2" inches long.
  • Bowl-shaped jaws cradle tick safely after lift-off
  • Long thin jaws grasp tick easily, then slide under tick's body without squeezing it
  • Low wide jaws flatten any hair around tick
  • 20X lens mounted in hub lets you examine the mouthparts afterward
  • Big stops between handles keep jaws from cutting tick
  • Handle holes allow instrument to be hung on a hook
  • Contoured handles fit comfortably in your hand

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