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Tick Nipper

Item #: 1027000-00001
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Safely Remove Ticks with the Tick Nipper
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The Tick Nipper - Your Best Tick Removal Tool

Venturing into tick-infested areas with your trusty gun dog can be a challenging experience. But with the Tick Nipper, you can confidently and safely remove ticks from both you and your loyal canine companion, ensuring a hassle-free outdoor adventure.

As the best tick removal tool on the market, the Tick Nipper is designed with light yet sturdy jaws that effectively lift out the tick without crushing it. This tick-removal dog tool is essential for maintaining the health and well-being of your faithful companion. Measuring a convenient 4 1/2 inches long, it easily fits into your pocket or first aid kit.

What sets the Tick Nipper apart from ordinary tick tweezers or tick forceps is its unique magnifying hub, which allows for close examination of the tick, ensuring complete removal. This innovative feature makes it the best tick remover for dogs and their owners alike.

Don't let ticks slow you down or harm your beloved pet. Equip yourself with the Tick Nipper, and experience the ultimate peace of mind knowing that you have the most effective tick removal tool at your disposal.

Perfect for use in First Aid kits and essential for any outdoor enthusiast, the Tick Nipper is your go-to solution for safe and efficient tick removal. Invest in the best for you and your canine companion - order your Tick Nipper today!
  • Bowl-shaped jaws cradle tick safely after lift-off
  • Long thin jaws grasp tick easily, then slide under tick's body without squeezing it
  • Low wide jaws flatten any hair around tick
  • 20X lens mounted in hub lets you examine the mouthparts afterward
  • Big stops between handles keep jaws from cutting tick
  • Handle holes allow instrument to be hung on a hook
  • Contoured handles fit comfortably in your hand

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Tick Nipper Q&A

What is the Tick Nipper?
The Tick Nipper is a tool designed to safely and efficiently remove ticks from yourself and your gun dog.
How does the Tick Nipper remove ticks?
The Tick Nipper features long, thin jaws that securely lift ticks without crushing them, reducing the risk of infection.
What is the size of the Tick Nipper?
The Tick Nipper is 4.5 inches long and is lightweight, making it easy to carry and store.
What makes the Tick Nipper safe for tick removal?
The Tick Nipper's bowl-shaped jaws ensure that the tick is lifted safely, without crushing, while its design provides a secure grip on ticks without risk of slipping.
How do the handle holes on the Tick Nipper help?
The handle holes on the Tick Nipper allow for easy storage on a hook, keeping it within reach when needed.
What is the purpose of the 20X magnifying lens on the Tick Nipper?
The 20X magnifying lens in the hub of the Tick Nipper allows the user to examine ticks closely after removal, ensuring that no mouthparts are left behind.
Is the Tick Nipper suitable for removing ticks from dogs?
Yes, the Tick Nipper is designed for efficient and safe removal of ticks from both humans and dogs.
Why should I choose the Tick Nipper for tick removal?
The Tick Nipper is a reliable, safe, and easy-to-use solution for tick removal, providing quick and efficient results to protect you and your gun dog.
Can the Tick Nipper be used for hunting dogs?
Yes, the Tick Nipper is specifically designed for gun dog owners and their hunting dogs, ensuring their safety and well-being.
How does the Tick Nipper fit comfortably in my hand?
The Tick Nipper features contoured handles for a comfortable grip while using the tool, making tick removal a hassle-free process.

Item Specifications

Product NameTick Nipper
PurposeTick removal from dogs, humans, and working/hunting dogs
JawsLight, sturdy, bowl-shaped, long thin jaws
Safety featurePrevents crushing ticks
Size and weight4 1/2" inches long; easy to carry
Magnifying hubExamine ticks with 20X lens
HandlesContoured for comfortable grip; handle holes for hanging
Additional featuresBig stops between handles to prevent cutting tick
Related termsBest tick removal tool, tick forceps, tick tweezers
Suitable forDogs, working/hunting dogs, humans
CategoryFirst Aid - Kits, Products

Tick Nipper: Safely and Easily Remove Ticks from Your Gun Dog

Introducing the Tick Nipper, the essential tool for gun dog owners out in the tick-infested wilderness. This reliable and useful device allows for easy, safe, and efficient removal of ticks while keeping both you and your trusted companion healthy and protected.

The Tick Nipper's lightweight and sturdy jaws ensure a secure grip on the tick without crushing its body, reducing the risk of infection. With a 20X magnifying lens mounted in the hub, you can closely examine the tick after lift-off to ensure no mouthparts are left behind.

With its ergonomic design and comfortable contoured handles, the Tick Nipper fits beautifully in your hand. Keep it within reach at all times - the slim, 4.5-inch profile means it's convenient to carry with you on your hunting expeditions, and the handle holes let you hang it up for easy access.

Don't let ticks become a hindrance to your adventures. Choose the Tick Nipper for a quick and efficient tick removal solution, giving yourself and your gun dog the protection you deserve.

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