• Tuff Mutts Zebra

Tuff Mutts Zebra

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Introducing the Irresistible Tuff Mutts Zebra Toy
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The black and white stripes of the Tuff Mutts Zebra are interesting all on their own but then add the squeaker inside and dogs just can't resist!

The Tuff Mutts Zebra is made of 4 durable layers of natural wool, cotton rope for tugging, and on the inside - coconut fiber filling that's great for chomping.

Your dog will be entertained and you can join in the fun - play tug with your dog, play fetch with your dog or just be entertained by watching your dog entertain themselves.

  • Natural wool, 4 layers
  • Cotton rope
  • Crunchy coconut
  • Squeaker included

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Tuff Mutts Zebra Q&A

What materials are used for the Tuff Mutts Zebra toy?
Natural wool, cotton rope, and coconut fiber filling.
Is the Tuff Mutts Zebra toy durable?
Yes, it has 4 layers of natural wool for added durability.
Why is this toy irresistible for dogs?
The squeaker inside and the crunchy coconut fiber filling make it irresistible.
Can I play tug with my dog using this toy?
Yes, the cotton rope is designed for tugging.
Is it suitable for puppies?
Yes, it is suitable for both puppies and adult dogs.
What are the benefits of the coconut fiber filling?
It adds a satisfying crunchy texture for dogs to chomp.
Can I play fetch with my dog using the Tuff Mutts Zebra toy?
Yes, you can play fetch with this toy.
What is the return policy on this toy?
Due to the nature of the product, there are no returns on chews, treats, or toys.
What is the size of the toy?
It is a suitable size for puppies and adult dogs.
What sets the Tuff Mutts Zebra toy apart from other dog toys?
The unique combination of natural wool, cotton rope, squeaker, and coconut fiber filling sets it apart from other dog toys.

Item Specifications

DesignBlack and white stripes
Material4 durable layers of natural wool
Additional MaterialCotton rope for tugging
Inner FillingCoconut fiber
FeatureSqueaker included
Types of PlayTug, fetch, solo entertainment
Product NamesDog squeaker toy, dog toy, puppy toy, squeaker toy, squeaker toy for dogs, squeaker toy for puppy, toy for puppy, Tuff Mutts Zebra
Return PolicyNo returns on chews, treats, or toys. No exceptions.

Tuff Mutts Zebra: Durable, Entertaining Dog Toy

Introduce your beloved pet to the Tuff Mutts Zebra dog toy, a playtime companion providing endless hours of fun. Crafted with unique black and white stripes and an irresistible squeaker, this toy has the perfect balance of intrigue and durability.

Constructed from four layers of natural wool and cotton rope for tugging, the Tuff Mutts Zebra has a built-in crunchy coconut fiber filling that dogs love to chomp, making it a fantastic addition to your pet's playtime routine.

Let your dog enjoy this engaging toy as you join in on the excitement by playing tug or fetch together, or simply sit back and watch your pet entertain themselves with endless amusement.