• Krinkle Pig, XL
  • Krinkle Pig, XL
  • Krinkle Pig, XL
  • Krinkle Pig, XL

Krinkle Pig, XL

by Aussie Naturals Item #: 1372120-22424
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Long-lasting, Eco-friendly Dog Toy
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With its replaceable plastic water bottle, the Krinkle Pig will keep your dog entertained for hours and hours! And your family can have fun too. Play fetch with your dog and see how excited they get when they chomp down on it and hear that crunchy sound the water bottle makes.

Made of eco-friendly materials like durable leather and wool, it even has additional layers of jute for extra strength.

Day after day, this will be the toy your dog wants to play with.

  • Made of natural and sustainable materials
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Durable leather & wool
  • Recycled water bottle included
  • Provides crinkle texture that dogs love
  • 11 Inches in length
  • Rescue tested & proven

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Krinkle Pig, XL Q&A

How does the Krinkle Pig XL entertain dogs?
It offers a crinkle sound when your dog chomps on it, due to the replaceable water bottle included.
What's unique about this dog toy?
It's made of eco-friendly materials like durable leather, wool, and jute, and comes with a replaceable water bottle.
Is it suitable for puppies?
Yes, the Krinkle Pig XL can be used by puppies and dogs alike.
Can this toy be used for fetch?
Absolutely! Toss the Krinkle Pig XL during playtime and watch your dog enjoy the interaction.
How is it sustainable?
The Krinkle Pig XL is made from natural materials, and it includes a recycled water bottle.
How big is this dog toy?
The Krinkle Pig XL is 11 inches in length.
Is it suitable for larger dogs?
Yes, its 11-inch length makes it ideal for dogs of various sizes.
What is the return policy on this toy?
Due to the nature of dog toys, there are no returns on this product.
Is the product tested for durability?
Yes, the Krinkle Pig XL has been rescue tested and proven.
Can the water bottle be replaced?
Yes, the plastic water bottle can be replaced to ensure a long-lasting, crinkle sound experience.

Item Specifications

ProductKrinkle Pig, XL
MaterialEco-friendly, durable leather, wool, jute layers
FeaturesReplaceable plastic water bottle, crunchy sound
Length11 inches
PurposeEntertaining for hours, playing fetch, dog toy
Product CategoryDog toy, puppy toy, water bottle toy
PoliciesNo returns on chews, treats, or toys, no exceptions
Additional AttributesEco-friendly, long-lasting, rescue tested & proven

Krinkle Pig XL: Durable, Eco-friendly, and Entertaining Dog Toy

Introducing the Krinkle Pig XL, an innovative (and irresistibly fun) toy for your dog that features a replaceable plastic water bottle for hours of entertainment. This long-lasting and eco-friendly toy is made of durable leather, wool, and additional jute layers for extra strength.

Engage in interactive play as you toss and fetch the Krinkle Pig XL with your dog, watching their excitement as they chomp down and hear that satisfying crinkle sound every time. Both you and your treasured companion will love the endless fun this versatile toy brings to playtime!

Developed with sustainability in mind, the Krinkle Pig XL is crafted from high-quality, natural materials. Additionally, it's rigorously tested by rescue dogs for quality assurance and durability.