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  • Krinkle Alligator, XL
  • Krinkle Alligator, XL
  • Krinkle Alligator, XL
  • Krinkle Alligator, XL

Krinkle Alligator, XL

by Aussie Naturals Item #: 1372120-22069
1 customer review
The Krinkle Alligator XL: Sustainable, Durable Dog Toy with Exciting Crinkle Sound!
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Introduce your canine buddy to a world of fun and sustainability with the Krinkle Alligator XL Dog Toy by Aussie Naturals®. This unique, eco-friendly dog toy is designed to provide hours of entertainment for your pet, making it the perfect toy for dogs who love to play alone or engage in a fun game of tug of war.

Made with a combination of durable leather and wool, this dog-pulling toy is not just made to last but is also constructed using natural and sustainable materials. This makes it a great choice for environmentally conscious pet owners.

What sets the Krinkle Alligator XL apart is the recycled water bottle included inside, providing a crinkle texture that dogs absolutely adore. The crunching sound that it makes when your dog chews or pulls on it adds an exciting twist to their playtime, making it a top contender for the best toy for dogs.

At a size of 11 inches in length, this chew toy for dogs is perfect for both puppies and adult dogs. The tough construction and innovative design have been rescue tested and proven, ensuring it can withstand even the most vigorous play sessions.

Choose the Krinkle Alligator XL, a sturdy, eco-friendly, and engaging dog play toy that delivers both fun and sustainability in one package. Please note, due to the nature of these products, there are no returns on chews, treats, or toys. No exceptions.
  • Made of natural and sustainable materials
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Durable leather & wool
  • Recycled water bottle included
  • Provides crinkle texture that dogs love
  • 11 Inches in length
  • Rescue tested & proven

Customer Reviews

Gary from Kannapolis, NCConfirmed buyer
Date Reviewed:
2 stars
I was very impressed with the quality of this Alligator when I removed him from the box. It seemed tough and should last a bit. And it came with a plastic bottle already in it. My dog (Loki, the god of mischief) loves the crinkly, crackly toys. I was

Krinkle Alligator, XL Q&A

What makes the Krinkle Alligator XL unique?
A used water bottle inserted inside creates a crinkle sound that dogs adore.
What is the Krinkle Alligator XL made of?
Natural leather, wool, and jute layers for durability.
How big is the Krinkle Alligator XL?
It measures 11 inches in length.
Can the Krinkle Alligator XL be used for tug of war?
Yes, it has ropes as legs for tugging and a loop for tossing.
What is the Krinkle Alligator's texture like?
Its texture provides a crinkle sensation that dogs love.
Is this toy eco-friendly?
Yes, it is made from natural and sustainable materials.
What type of play is the Krinkle Alligator XL good for?
Tug of war, fetch, and solo play with the crinkle sound.
Is the Krinkle Alligator XL recommended for particular dog breeds?
It is suitable for various dog breeds and sizes.
Has the Krinkle Alligator XL been tested by rescue dogs?
Yes, it is rescue tested and proven as a top-quality toy.
Are returns allowed on the Krinkle Alligator XL?
There are no returns on chews, treats, or toys due to their nature.

Item Specifications

Product NameKrinkle Alligator XL
Fun for Dog and FamilyYes
Unique DesignAllows for used water bottle insertion
Krinkle SoundYes, when dog chomps on it
FeaturesRopes as legs for tug of war and loop for tossing
MaterialDurable leather, wool, and jute layers
Long-lasting PlayYes
No Return PolicyYes, for chews, treats, or toys
Recycled Water BottleIncluded
Crinkle TextureProvides, loved by dogs
Length11 inches
Rescue Tested and ProvenBest toy for dogs, chew toy, play toy, pulling toy, play alone
Suitable forPuppies and dogs
Tug ToyYes, for dogs
Dog Chew ToyYes

Krinkle Alligator XL: The Fun and Eco-Friendly Dog Toy Your Pet Will Love

Introducing the Krinkle Alligator XL, the perfect eco-friendly and durable toy for your dog. Made of natural leather, wool, and jute layers, this entertaining toy is designed to last for countless play sessions.

The Krinkle Alligator XL is more than just an ordinary dog toy. Insert a used water bottle into the alligator, creating a unique crinkle sound that dogs adore every time they chomp down on it. Not only will your dog love it, but the whole family can join in on the fun!

Featuring ropes as legs for playing tug of war and a loop at its mouth for tossing, the Krinkle Alligator XL offers multiple ways to engage your pet. Measuring 11 inches in length, this versatile toy can accommodate a variety of dog breeds and sizes.

Rescue tested and proven, the Krinkle Alligator XL is regarded as one of the best toys for dogs. The eco-friendly construction made from natural and sustainable materials ensures you're making a responsible choice for your pet and the planet.

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