• Thornell, Skunk-Off Liquid Soaker, 8 oz

Thornell, Skunk-Off Liquid Soaker, 8 oz

by Thornell Corporation Item #: 1368200-70008
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Stops skunk odor instantly and permanently on contact. Removes all traces of skunk spray from dogs, other pets, people, clothes, cars, homes – anybody or anything a skunk has sprayed or anything a skunk-sprayed animal has rubbed against. Safe for use on all surfaces – carpet, upholstery, and directly on the pet.

Directions for Use

Shake the bottle before using. Wipe off excess skunk spray and then saturate the entire area with Skunk-Off Shampoo or liquid paying particular attention to the area of the direct hit. Work thoroughly. Be sure to apply to the eyelids, mouth, and in between toes. Thoroughly rinse animal and dry them. If odor persists, continue to reapply as necessary.


All Thornell products are safe for use on any surface or directly on the animal. As with any pet care product, consult with your veterinarian and review and follow the label directions. Contains water, proprietary essential oil blend, and preservatives. Keep out of the reach of children. For external use only


Skunk-Off may in some cases cause minor eye irritation. Rinse with water as needed. Caution should be taken when using on cats. Be sure to thoroughly rinse if using Skunk-Off on cats. Cats are natural groomers who continually lick their hair coats. Skunk-Off in the cat’s mouth is not dangerous but it may cause excessive drooling.

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