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  • Genuine SwissMade Bell
  • Genuine SwissMade Bell
  • Genuine SwissMade Bell
  • Genuine SwissMade Bell
  • Genuine SwissMade Bell
  • Genuine SwissMade Bell
  • Genuine SwissMade Bell
  • Genuine SwissMade Bell
  • Genuine SwissMade Bell
  • Genuine SwissMade Bell

Genuine SwissMade Bell

Item #: 1364505-M
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Experience the Pure Sound of SwissMade Bells
$9.95 - $31.95$9.95
The Genuine SwissMade Bell - the epitome of quality and craftsmanship for an unparalleled auditory experience. Handmade and imported from Switzerland, these bells boast a pure and pleasant sound that carries across great distances, ensuring you never lose track of your dogs.

Crafted with high-quality materials, each SwissMade Bell is brazed at the seams for enhanced durability and performance. Our range of size options - Small (12/0), Medium (10/0), Large (8/0), and X Large (6/0) - offers a unique tone for each bell, making it easy to distinguish between multiple dogs even when they're out of sight.

Whether you're upland hunting, hiking, or simply keeping an eye on your canine companion at home, the Genuine SwissMade Bell is your ultimate solution. With its exquisite design and unmatched sound quality, this bell is the perfect addition to your dog's collar, offering both style and functionality.

Experience the pure sound of SwissMade Bells and elevate your dog tracking game with this elegant and versatile accessory. Don't settle for anything less than the best - choose Genuine SwissMade Bells for a truly exceptional experience.
  • Handmade Swiss bells
  • Pure ringing tone
  • Multiple sizes available

Size Chart

Width (IN)Height (IN)Depth (IN)LoopWidth(IN)
Medium 10/01 3/41 3/41 1/87/8
Large 8/02 1/421 1/81 1/8
X Large 6/02 3/42 1/21 7/81 1/2

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Genuine SwissMade Bell Q&A

What is special about Genuine SwissMade Bells?
They are handmade in Switzerland, have a pure sound, and are available in multiple sizes.
What activities can these bells be used for?
They can be used for upland hunting, hiking, or keeping track of your dog around the house.
Do the bells have different tones?
Yes, each bell size has a unique tone, perfect for tracking multiple dogs.
What kind of craftsmanship is featured in these bells?
SwissMade Bells have brazed seams and are made of quality materials, resulting in a high-quality, pure tone.
How far does the bell's sound carry?
The sound of the bells carries great distances, making it easy to track your dog in the field.
Are the SwissMade Bells suitable for any type of dog?
Yes, the bells are designed to be used with a variety of dog breeds and sizes.
What makes SwissMade Bells easy to track?
The unique tone and pure sound of these bells make them easy to distinguish and track in the field.
Can I use SwissMade Bells indoors?
Yes, SwissMade Bells can be used to keep track of your dog inside the house as well.
Is the sound of SwissMade Bells pleasant to listen to?
Yes, the genuine SwissMade Bells have a pleasant, pure ringing tone that is enjoyable to hear during outdoor activities.
Can SwissMade Bells be used with other animals?
While primarily designed for dogs, SwissMade Bells may also be suitable for other animals such as sheep.

Item Specifications

Extracted AttributesDescription
Handmade Swiss bellsBells made in Switzerland by hand
Pure ringing toneBells have a pleasant and pure sound
Multiple sizes availableVarious bell sizes for different applications
Quality materials and craftsmanshipBells made using top-quality materials and skills, brazed at the seams
Unique tone for each bell sizeDifferent bell sizes produce distinct sounds
Suitable for upland hunting, hiking, etc.Bells can track dogs during hunting, hiking or around the house
Imported from SwitzerlandBells are shipped from Switzerland
High quality, pure tone carries distanceClear sound can be heard from far away

Enhance Your Dog Tracking with Genuine SwissMade Bells

Enjoy the harmonious sound of Genuine SwissMade Bells, expertly crafted in Switzerland, and enhance your dog tracking during hunting, hiking, or just around the house. The pure tone of these bells provides a pleasant listening experience in the great outdoors and ensures you can keep track of your loyal companion.

These exquisite SwissMade Bells boast high quality materials and manufacturing, including brazed seams, which contribute to their exceptional, pure tone that carries far distances. Whether you have one dog or several, each bell size features a unique tone, allowing you to monitor multiple dogs at once.

Available in multiple sizes, the SwissMade Bells offer versatile use across various activities. Whether using them for upland hunting, hiking excursions, or simply ensuring you're aware of your dog's location while at home, these bells provide peace of mind and an enjoyable listening experience.

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