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  • DVD, Training Your Pointing Dog featuring Scott Miller

DVD, Training Your Pointing Dog featuring Scott Miller

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Transform Your Dog into an Expert Hunter
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"Training Your Pointing Dog" is a DVD featuring the methods of professional trainer Scott Miller, a ten-time winner of the National Birdhunter's Association Top Handler of the Year award. This instructional DVD offers you an opportunity to transform your pet into a proficient hunting dog, capable of competing in National Birdhunter field trails.

Scott Miller's training techniques are known for their effectiveness without the need for harsh methods or extensive commitment of time. The methods he showcases in this DVD are the same as he uses for competition dogs, preparing them for an even higher level of training. These time-proven methods are suitable for all pointing breeds and can help your dog reach its fullest potential.

As you watch the DVD, you will witness Scott Miller training pointers at various stages of development. This real-time demonstration allows you to fully grasp the techniques and apply them to your dog's training.

In this DVD, you will learn about:

- Choosing the right puppy for hunting
- Developing a puppy's hunting skills
- Using the electronic training collar effectively
- Teaching your dog to hold point
- Instilling in your dog the discipline of honoring another dog's point
- Training your dog to hunt to the gun
- Encouraging your dog's natural retrieving instincts

This DVD, "Training Your Pointing Dog featuring Scott Miller" is an invaluable resource for those wishing to train their hunting dog effectively and efficiently. The unique selling point of this product lies in its professional, award-winning insights, easy-to-follow instructions, and the opportunity to learn from the best in the field. Transform your dog into an expert hunter and enjoy the thrill of the hunt together.

If you're an enthusiast looking for top-notch gun dog training videos, this is the ultimate choice for you.

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DVD, Training Your Pointing Dog featuring Scott Miller Q&A

Who is Scott Miller?
Scott Miller is a 10-time National Birdhunters Association Top Handler of the Year award winner.
What is the focus of this DVD?
The DVD focuses on training pointing dogs to be excellent hunting companions.
Can I apply these methods to any pointing breed?
Yes, Scott Miller's methods are time-proven for all pointing breeds.
What if I don't have much spare time for training?
The DVD teaches efficient training methods that don't require all your spare time.
Will harsh methods be used in the training?
No, Scott Miller uses humane methods in his training approach.
What are some of the techniques covered in the DVD?
The DVD covers techniques like electronic training collar usage, holding point, honoring, and natural retrieving.
Is the DVD suitable for dogs at different stages of development?
Yes, the DVD shows Scott Miller training pointers at various ages and developmental stages.
Does the DVD teach about puppy selection and development?
Yes, the DVD includes advice on picking and developing a puppy.
Can I learn how to teach my dog to honor other dogs?
Absolutely, the DVD features techniques on how to train your dog to honor another dog's point.
What distinguishes this training DVD from others on the market?
Scott Miller's award-winning expertise and experience, effective and humane training methods, and a comprehensive approach to various skill levels make this DVD stand out.

Item Specifications

TitleTraining Your Pointing Dog
FeaturingScott Miller
Scott Miller's AchievementWon National Birdhunter's Association Top Handler of the Year award for 10 consecutive years
Training Program FocusTraining hard hunting dogs with perfect manners for competing in National Birdhunter field trials
Training MethodTime-proven methods for all pointing breeds, same as used on competition dogs
Included LessonsPicking a puppy, Developing a puppy, The electronic training collar, Holding point, Honoring another dog's point, Hunting to the gun, Natural retrieving
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Training Your Pointing Dog with Scott Miller: Award-Winning Hunting Dog Training DVD

Discover a proven method to transform your pointing dog into an expert hunting companion with this top-rated DVD featuring Scott Miller, a 10-time award-winning National Birdhunters Association Top Handler. Witness firsthand the way Scott trains dogs of all ages and stages of development into hard hunting, well-mannered trackers without using harsh techniques or sacrificing your precious time.

Get ready to learn Scott Miller's secret to success in training the perfect hunting dog, as he shares his invaluable expertise in this comprehensive DVD. From puppy selection and development to advanced skills like the electronic training collar, holding point, and honoring, your dog will be well on its way to reaching an even higher level of hunting prowess.

Unleash your dog's full potential as a pointing breed with this insightful DVD that covers every aspect of hunting dog training. Observe the same methods used by Scott Miller on competition dogs as he demonstrates how to train your dog effectively, efficiently, and humanely. Begin your journey to becoming a better hunting team today!

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