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The FieldKing Dura-Flex Puppy Collar: A Vibrant and Durable Accessory for Your Adorable Little Companion!

Are you looking for a stylish and functional collar for your puppy that not only looks great but is also built to last? Look no further than the FieldKing Dura-Flex Puppy Collar! This vibrant orange collar is designed specifically for puppies and small dogs, with a size that is 1/2" wide and 11" long, ensuring a perfect and comfortable fit.

Made from the high-quality BioThane® material, this soft dog collar is not only cute but also incredibly durable. The solid brass hardware and capped rivets add an extra touch of sophistication and strength, making it a collar you can rely on.

While this particular puppy collar does not include a nameplate due to its size, we recommend pairing it with the FieldKing Stainless Steel Dog Tag for added personalization and identification. These custom tags feature 1/16 Inch Lettering, making them the perfect complement to the FieldKing Dura-Flex Puppy Collar.

In a world full of puppy collars, the FieldKing Dura-Flex stands out with its unique combination of style, durability, and functionality. Don't settle for anything less than the best for your precious little companion.

Choose the FieldKing Dura-Flex Puppy Collar in Orange for a high-quality, eye-catching, and long-lasting accessory that both you and your puppy will love.
  • Authentic BioThane Super Beta material
  • Solid brass hardware
  • Capped machine stamped brass rivets

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FieldKing Dura-Flex Puppy Collar, 1/2" Wide, 11" Long, Orange Q&A

Is this collar suitable for small dogs too?
Absolutely, the collar is perfect for both puppies and small dogs.
What material is the collar made of?
The collar is made from authentic BioThane Super Beta material.
What are the hardware and rivets made from?
The hardware and rivets are made from solid brass.
Can I put a nameplate on this collar?
Unfortunately, the collar's size does not allow for a nameplate, but we suggest the FieldKing Stainless Steel Dog Tag as an alternative.
What size is the collar?
The collar is 1/2 inch wide and 11 inches long.
What color is the collar?
The collar is orange.
Is this collar suitable for hunting dogs?
Yes, it is perfect for hunting dogs or bird dogs.
Can I use this collar for a larger dog?
It is recommended for puppies and small dogs due to its size.
Are there other colors available for this collar?
The collar is only available in orange.
Is it comfortable for my puppy to wear?
Yes, the collar is designed to provide comfort for your puppy.

Item Specifications

Brand/ModelFieldKing Dura-Flex Puppy Collar
MaterialAuthentic BioThane Super Beta
Hardware/RivetsSolid brass hardware, capped rivets
Width and Length1/2" wide, 11" long
Suitable ForPuppies and small dogs
Nameplate AvailabilityNot available on this collar size
Suggested AlternativeFieldKing Stainless Steel Dog Tag with 1/16 Inch Lettering

FieldKing Dura-Flex Orange Puppy Collar – Perfect Accessory for your Pup

Introducing the FieldKing Dura-Flex Puppy Collar - an ideal accessory for your puppy or small dog. Made with a vibrant orange color, this collar is not only stylish, but also strong and durable, ensuring the utmost comfort for your pet.

Made from authentic BioThane Super Beta material, the FieldKing Dura-Flex Collar features solid brass hardware and capped machine stamped brass rivets, making it reliable and long-lasting.

Measuring 1/2 inch wide and 11 inches long, this collar caters for your growing pup’s needs. It's perfect for puppies and small dogs, and is especially suited for those involved in hunting or bird dog activities.

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