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  • Browning, Headlamp, Maxus
  • Browning, Headlamp, Maxus
  • Browning, Headlamp, Maxus
  • Browning, Headlamp, Maxus
  • Browning, Headlamp, Maxus
  • Browning, Headlamp, Maxus

Browning, Headlamp, Maxus

by Browning Item #: 1304196-08543
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Discover the Powerful and Advanced Browning Maxus Headlamp
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Maxus Headlamp is a high-functioning and sophisticated tool that offers a unique blend of technology and power. It's equipped with a Cree® LED that offers adjustable zoom and spot-to-flood focus, allowing you to adapt your lighting to your surroundings.

The headlamp also features three different light levels - high, medium, and low - as well as a flashing setting that extends its runtime. This versatility makes it a suitable choice for a range of outdoor activities, from hunting to camping. The memory switch feature allows easy access to your most recent setting, adding to the convenience of this headlamp.

The Browning Maxus Headlamp is also engineered with two green and two red LEDs, enhancing stealth, safety, and night vision protection. This makes it the best headlamp for duck hunting, and a perfect accessory for any hunting expedition.

Designed with a stylish black front and charcoal accents, and an adjustable lens, it is not only practical but also visually appealing. The adjustable lens allows you to widen or tighten the beam according to your needs, offering adaptability in various outdoor tasks.

Whether you are an experienced hunter or a newcomer to outdoor adventures, the Browning Maxus Headlamp is the ultimate accessory, providing unmatched performance, durability, and adaptability. Choose this advanced headlamp to enhance your outdoor pursuits and experience the difference it can make.
  • Max Lumens 170
  • Low Lumens 10
  • Length 2"
  • Effective Distance 70 yds
  • Battery Type AAA
  • Number of Batteries 3
  • Number of Bulbs 5
  • Bulb Type LED
  • Beam Type Adjustable
  • Brightness Levels High: Low: Medium
  • Water Resistant Yes
  • Waterproof No
  • Submersible No
  • Floatable No

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Browning, Headlamp, Maxus Q&A

What are the main features of the Browning Maxus Headlamp?
The Browning Maxus Headlamp has a zoom lever, adjustable lens, Cree LED technology, and multiple light settings.
Which LED colors are included in the Browning Maxus Headlamp?
It includes white, green, and red LEDs.
What are the applications of the Browning Maxus Headlamp?
The headlamp is suitable for hunting, camping, and outdoor activities.
What is the maximum run time on the low light setting?
The maximum run time is not specified, but it is designed for extended usage.
What battery type does the Browning Maxus Headlamp use?
It uses 3 AAA batteries.
Is the Browning Maxus Headlamp waterproof?
The headlamp is water-resistant but not waterproof.
How does the memory switch function on the Browning Maxus?
The memory switch returns to the most recent light setting when the light is turned on.
What is the effective distance of the Browning Maxus Headlamp?
The effective distance is 70 yards.
How is the brightness level of the Browning Maxus adjusted?
The brightness is adjusted using the zoom lever to switch between the three light levels.
Are there any stealth features in the Browning Maxus Headlamp?
Yes, the headlamp includes green and red LEDs for maximum stealth and night vision protection.

Item Specifications

NameBrowning Maxus Headlamp
LEDPowerful Cree® LED
Light levelsThree levels (High, Medium, Low) and Flashing setting
Memory switchReturns to the most recent setting
Additional LEDsTwo green and two red LEDs
ColorBlack front with charcoal accents
Adjustable lensBeam can be widened or tightened
Max Lumens170
Low Lumens10
Length2 inches
Effective Distance70 yards
Battery TypeAAA
Number of Batteries3
Number of Bulbs5
Bulb TypeLED
Beam TypeAdjustable
Brightness LevelsHigh, Low, Medium
Water ResistantYes
UsesHunting, camping, and other outdoor activities

Get Hunting Ready with the Advanced Browning Maxus Headlamp

Introducing the Browning Maxus Headlamp, designed with versatile features, advanced technology, and powerful illumination to provide an exceptional hunting experience. Equipped with a zoom lever, the main LED can be adjusted from spot to flood to accommodate various situations.

Ideal for hunting and camping, the Browning Maxus offers three light levels (High, Medium, Low) and a flashing setting, ensuring maximum run time and versatility. It also features two green and two red LEDs for stealth, safety, and night vision protection.

The adjustability of the Browning Maxus Headlamp makes it an invaluable tool for hunting and camping situations. Use the wide beam setting for close-up tasks like field dressing, or tighten the beam when navigating the trail to your tree stand or duck blind. The memory switch allows you to return to your most recent setting when the light is turned on.

Not just for hunting, the Browning Maxus Headlamp is an excellent companion for camping and other outdoor activities. Its adjustable lens provides a range of options to suit your needs, from organizing gear in the morning to completing camp chores in low-light conditions.

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