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  • Browning, Cap Light, Night Seeker Pro Black

Browning, Cap Light, Night Seeker Pro Black

by Browning Item #: 1304190-07455
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Illuminate Your Life with Night Seeker Pro
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The Browning Night Seeker Pro Black Cap Light: The Ultimate Illumination Companion for Your Adventures

Don't let the darkness hold you back from enjoying your favorite outdoor activities or completing important tasks. The Night Seeker Pro Black Cap Light by Browning is here to illuminate your life and make everything easier, even after the sun goes down.

Effortless Attachment
This innovative hat brim light is designed to effortlessly snap onto the bill of your cap, instantly transforming it into a reliable source of light. Alternatively, you can use the clip on headlamp to easily attach it to your front pocket, making sure you have a convenient source of light wherever you go.

Versatile and Adjustable
The Night Seeker Pro Black Cap Light is more than just a clip on hat flashlight. Thanks to its adjustable clip, you can also position the light on various surfaces, such as the ground or a table, and quickly tilt it up and down to get the perfect angle. This makes it an ideal companion for hunting cap lights or simply as a baseball hat light for late-night strolls.

Easy Operation
Operating the Night Seeker Pro Black Cap Light is a breeze. Simply push the button to cycle through its various modes and find the one that suits your needs best. This baseball cap light is not only efficient, but it's also incredibly user-friendly.

High-Quality Browning Lamp
As a trusted name in outdoor gear, Browning has created this cap light to provide you with the best possible performance. You can trust in the quality and durability of this hunting cap light, knowing that it's backed by Browning's expertise and commitment to excellence.

Don't let the darkness hinder your adventures or tasks any longer. Equip yourself with the Night Seeker Pro Black Cap Light by Browning and experience the difference a well-designed, versatile, and easy-to-use illumination tool can make.
  • Max Lumens 60
  • Low Lumens 8
  • Length 2"
  • Effective Distance 50 yds
  • Battery Type AAA
  • Number of Batteries 1
  • Color Black
  • Number of Bulbs 3
  • Bulb Type LED
  • Beam Type Spot
  • Brightness Levels High
  • Water Resistant Yes
  • Waterproof No
  • Submersible No
  • Floatable No

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Browning, Cap Light, Night Seeker Pro Black Q&A

What is the maximum lumens output of the Night Seeker Pro?
The Night Seeker Pro has a maximum lumens output of 60.
Is the Night Seeker Pro waterproof?
No, it is not waterproof but it is water resistant.
What type of bulb does it use?
The Night Seeker Pro uses an LED bulb.
How many batteries does it need?
The Night Seeker Pro requires one AAA battery.
How far can the Night Seeker Pro illuminate?
The effective distance of the Night Seeker Pro is 50 yards.
Is the Night Seeker Pro suitable for hunters?
Yes, it is the perfect accessory for hunting activities at night.
Can I attach the Night Seeker Pro to a surface other than a cap?
Yes, it can be clipped to your front pocket or set on a table with adjustable tilt.
How many brightness levels does the Night Seeker Pro have?
It features high brightness levels.
What is the weight of the Night Seeker Pro?
It weighs 2 ounces.
Does the Night Seeker Pro have a spot beam type?
Yes, it features a spot beam type.

Item Specifications

Product NameBrowning Cap Light Night Seeker Pro Black
Max Lumens60
Low Lumens8
Effective Distance50 yards
Battery TypeAAA
Number of Batteries1
Number of Bulbs3
Bulb TypeLED
Beam TypeSpot
Brightness LevelsHigh
Water ResistantYes

Discover the Power of Night Seeker Pro Black Cap Light

Illuminate your surroundings with the Night Seeker Pro Black Cap Light. This versatile accessory is designed to make your night-time activities easier and more enjoyable. Whether it's exploring, working, or just finding your way, the Night Seeker Pro is your perfect companion.

The Night Seeker Pro is extremely user-friendly, featuring multiple modes and a push-button functionality. Simply attach it to the bill of your cap, hold it in your hand, or use the clip to position it on a table or the ground. With an effective distance of 50 yards, this powerful LED light will brighten up your path.

Designed with durability in mind, the Night Seeker Pro is water resistant and features a spot beam type, making it the perfect choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Weighing just 2 ounces and powered by a single AAA battery, this compact yet powerful light is an essential addition to your gear.

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