• Spring Snap, Rivets, Brass

Spring Snap, Rivets, Brass

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Replace Your Bird Bag Spring Snap Rivets with Ease
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Designed to be used with our bird bag spring snaps. Great for when you may have lost or need to replace the pivot rivet.

Includes 2 rivets.

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Spring Snap, Rivets, Brass Q&A

Are these spring snap rivets made of brass?
Yes, the rivets are made of high-quality brass.
Can I use these rivets with a bird bag spring snap?
Yes, they are designed specifically for compatibility with bird bag spring snaps.
How many rivets are included in the set?
The set includes 2 rivets.
Are these rivets easy to install?
Yes, the rivets have a hassle-free installation process.
Do these spring snap rivets provide added security?
Yes, they are designed to add an extra layer of sturdiness to your bird bag.
How long do these brass rivets last?
These brass rivets are durable and long-lasting.
Can I use these rivets for other bags?
They are specifically designed for bird bags, but they may work with other bags that have similar hardware requirements.
Are these rivets suitable for outdoor adventures?
Yes, they are perfect for securing your bird bag during outdoor activities.
Do these rivets help in maintaining the durability of my bird bag?
Yes, the brass rivets ensure bird bag durability and longevity.
Are these rivets beginner-friendly?
Yes, these rivets are easy to use, even for beginners.

Item Specifications

Spring SnapType of attachment mechanism
RivetsFasteners included
BrassMaterial used
Bird Bag CompatibilityDesigned to be used with bird bag spring snaps
Replacement PurposeUseful for lost or damaged pivot rivets
QuantityIncludes 2 rivets

Spring Snap Rivets Brass: Easy Bird Bag Hardware Replacement

Upgrade your bird bag with these top-quality spring snap rivets, designed specifically for easy replacement and added security. These brass rivets are a perfect choice for bird bag enthusiasts who require durable hardware that lasts longer.

Keep your bird bag opening perfectly secure with our spring snap rivets. These brass hardware components are made to ensure the durability and longevity of your bird bag, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor adventures without any worry.

Lost or damaged pivot rivets are no longer a problem with our spring snap rivet brass replacement set. These easy-to-use rivets not only provide a hassle-free solution but also add an extra layer of sturdiness to your bird bag.