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  • Garmin, Quick Release Lanyard

Garmin, Quick Release Lanyard

by Garmin Item #: 1129011-98028
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Keep Your Hands Free with a Quick-Release Lanyard
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Garmin International Quick Release Lanyard is an essential accessory designed to enhance your outdoor adventures. This lanyard is specially designed for use with Garmin handheld devices, providing a secure yet comfortable tethering solution. Its quick-release feature allows for easy access and convenience, while the breakaway design ensures safety during intense activities.

The Garmin Quick Release Lanyard is more than just a simple tether - it's a safety lanyard that allows you to keep your hands free, making it ideal for various outdoor activities such as hunting dog training, hiking, climbing, biking, or even for everyday use.

Designed for durability and performance, this Garmin handheld lanyard is not just practical, but also reliable. It provides a firm hold on your device while allowing you the freedom to move. This unique blend of convenience and safety makes the Garmin Quick Release Lanyard the perfect accessory for your Garmin handheld device.

In conclusion, the Garmin Quick Release Lanyard stands out for its ease of use, safety features, and compatibility with Garmin handheld devices. Its design allows you to keep your hands free while ensuring your device is secure, providing you with peace of mind during your outdoor adventures. Elevate your experience with the Garmin Quick Release Lanyard - a must-have accessory for all Garmin handheld device users.

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Garmin, Quick Release Lanyard Q&A

What devices can I attach to the Garmin quick-release lanyard?
You can attach any Garmin handheld device, including training collars and electronic dog collar accessories.
How does the quick-release feature work?
With a simple push of a button, you can quickly detach your device from the lanyard.
Is the Garmin quick-release lanyard adjustable?
Yes, it can be adjusted to fit comfortably and securely around your neck.
Can I use this lanyard for other devices?
As long as the device is compatible, you can use the Garmin quick-release lanyard for various handheld devices.
Will the lanyard get in the way during my outdoor adventures?
No, the slim design ensures that it won't hinder your activities.
Is it easy to attach my device to the lanyard?
Yes, the simple design allows you to easily attach and secure your device in no time.
Can I use the Garmin quick-release lanyard while running or jogging?
Certainly, the secure hold means your device is safe and accessible during various outdoor activities.
Is the Garmin quick-release lanyard lightweight?
Yes, the lanyard is lightweight yet durable, making it perfect for outdoor adventures.
Does the lanyard provide a snug fit?
Adjusting the lanyard allows for a customized, secure fit around your neck.
How does the breakaway feature work?
The breakaway feature ensures that the lanyard will separate if it gets caught or tangled, providing added safety.

Item Specifications

ProductQuick Release Lanyard
CompatibilityGarmin handheld devices
PurposeAttach handheld device to wear around neck
BenefitsHands-free use during outdoor adventures
FeaturesBreakaway lanyard, quick-release mechanism, safety tether
Additional UsesGarmin GPS dog tracking, electronic dog collar accessories

Garmin Quick Release Lanyard for Hands-Free Outdoor Adventures

When you're out exploring the great outdoors, the last thing you want is to be continually occupied with your handheld device. That's where the Garmin quick-release lanyard comes in! Simply attach your device to this durable accessory, and wear it around your neck, leaving your hands completely free.

Built to last, this breakaway lanyard is perfect for those who often find themselves on treks, hikes, or other outdoor adventures. With its quick-release feature, you can easily and safely detach your device, making it accessible whenever you need it.

The Garmin quick-release lanyard is compatible with Garmin training collars and electronic dog collar accessories, offering a functional and secure solution to GPS dog tracking. Enhance your outdoor experience with this essential accessory.

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