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The Caldera Hot & Cold Pet Therapy Gel Pack is a versatile, reusable product designed to provide therapeutic comfort to your pets. Measuring 10" x 15", this gel pack is perfect for use as pet bed inserts or for first aid treatments. It offers dual functionality for both hot and cold applications, catering to different therapeutic needs.

The Caldera gel pack stands out with its unique, patented formula, which ensures sustained relief for longer periods. Made in the USA, the quality of this product is assured. It is also latex-free, non-toxic, and non-hazardous, making it safe for your pets. This Caldera international gel pack can be safely used in both the microwave and freezer, maintaining its pliability even when frozen.

Along with its long-term value and convenience, each Caldera gel pack comes with clear heating and freezing instructions for easy and correct usage. Experience the benefits of hot and cold pet therapy with the Caldera Hot & Cold Pet Therapy Gel Pack. It's not just a product, but a comfortable and safe solution for pet care.

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Caldera, Hot & Cold Pet Therapy Gel Pack, 10" X 15" Q&A

What size is the gel pack?
The gel pack is 10x15 inches.
Is the gel pack safe for pets?
Yes, it is non-toxic and non-hazardous.
Can the gel pack be heated or frozen?
Yes, the gel pack is both microwave and freezer safe.
Does it remain pliable when frozen?
Yes, the gel pack remains pliable when frozen.
What is the gel pack used for?
It is designed for hot & cold pet therapy, pet bed inserts, and dog first aid.
Is this gel pack reusable?
Yes, the gel pack is reusable.
Where is the gel pack made?
The gel pack is made in the USA.
Does it come with heating and freezing instructions?
Yes, heating and freezing instructions are included.
Is the gel formula latex-free?
Yes, the gel formula is latex-free.
What makes Caldera's gel formula unique?
Caldera's gel formula is unique in that it has been modified for prolonged effectiveness.

Item Specifications

Therapy Gel Pack10" x 15", Hot & Cold, Made by Caldera
Formula ModificationProlonged effectiveness
GelLatex-free, non-toxic, reusable
UseHot or cold application
InstructionsHeating and freezing directions on each gel pack
Made inUSA
Microwave and Freezer SafeYes
PliabilityRemains pliable when frozen
CompatibilityCan be used with Hot&Cold Pet Beds or Pet Bed Inserts

Caldera Hot & Cold Pet Therapy Gel Pack 10x15 - The Ultimate Pet Comfort Solution

Discover the incredible benefits of Caldera's Hot & Cold Pet Therapy Gel Pack. Specially designed for pet bed inserts, these 10x15 gel packs provide the perfect solution for optimum pet comfort and recovery. They are reusable, latex-free, and non-toxic to ensure your pet's safety.

Upgrade your pet's bed with Caldera's Hot & Cold Pet Therapy Gel Pack. Made in the USA, these reusable gel packs offer improved effectiveness and are perfect for those who need an extra or replacement gel pack. Microwave and freezer safe, they remain pliable when frozen for versatile use.

Experience the difference that Caldera's Hot & Cold Pet Therapy Gel Pack can make in your pet's life. The non-hazardous gel formula ensures prolonged effectiveness, while the easy-to-follow heating and freezing instructions make application a breeze. Perfect for pet bed inserts or dog first aid, this is the ultimate pet therapy solution.

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