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The Caldera Carpal/Tarsal & Elbow Pet Therapy Gel Pack, Large, is a product from Caldera International that is designed to provide effective pain relief for your canine companion. This product is part of Caldera's patent-pending Pet Therapy line, which is uniquely tailored to the anatomy of dogs. The gel formula has been modified for prolonged effectiveness, ensuring extended relief for your pet's discomfort.

One of the unique selling points of this product is the fact that it is reusable, making it a cost-effective solution for repeated use. Crafted in the USA, the Pet Therapy Gel is latex-free, non-toxic, and non-hazardous, ensuring it is safe for your pet. It can be applied either hot or cold, providing versatility in its use. It is also microwave and freezer safe for easy heating or cooling.

Even when frozen, the gel remains pliable, allowing it to conform to your pet's body for targeted pain relief. Heating and freezing instructions are provided on each gel pack, making it easy for you to prepare the gel for use.

Each Pet Therapy Gel Pack is designed to work in conjunction with a coordinated Pet Therapy Wrap, sold separately. This synergy allows for optimal effectiveness in relieving your pet's pain. Choose the Caldera Carpal/Tarsal & Elbow Pet Therapy Gel Pack, Large, for safe, effective, and prolonged pain relief for your pet. Caldera International's dedication to pet therapy solutions underlines their commitment to the well-being of your pet.

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Caldera, Carpal/Tarsal & Elbow Pet Therapy Gel Pack, Large Q&A

Where is Caldera's pet therapy gel made?
The therapy gel is made in the USA.
Is the therapy gel toxic?
No, Caldera's pet therapy gel is non-toxic.
Can I microwave the therapy gel pack?
Yes, the gel pack is microwave safe.
Will the therapy gel remain pliable when frozen?
Yes, the therapy gel remains pliable when frozen.
Does the gel pack work with a Pet Therapy Wrap?
The pack is specifically designed to work with a coordinated Pet Therapy Wrap.
What are the size options for the gel pack?
This particular gel pack is large.
What pain areas does the gel pack target?
The gel pack targets carpal/tarsal and elbow pain.
Are heating and freezing instructions provided?
Yes, there are instructions on each gel pack.
Is the therapy gel latex-free?
Yes, Caldera's pet therapy gel is latex-free.
Can I freeze the therapy gel pack?
Yes, the gel pack is freezer-safe.

Item Specifications

BrandCaldera International
Product LinePet Therapy
Product NameCarpal/Tarsal & Elbow Pet Therapy Gel Pack
Gel FormulaModified for prolonged effectiveness
Made InUSA
Microwave SafeYes
Freezer SafeYes
Remains Pliable when FrozenYes
Heating and Freezing InstructionsIncluded on each gel pack
Designed to work withCoordinated Pet Therapy Wrap

Caldera Pet Therapy Gel Pack for Carpal/Tarsal & Elbow Pain

Introducing Caldera International's large pet therapy gel pack, specifically designed to alleviate carpal/tarsal and elbow pain in your canine companion. Our patented and customized gel formula ensures prolonged effectiveness for maximum comfort.

Proudly made in the USA, Caldera's reusable pet therapy gel pack is both latex-free and non-toxic, making it safe for you and your beloved pet. Microwave and freezer safe, our therapy gel remains pliable when frozen, allowing for more natural movement.

Our comprehensive heating and freezing instructions make it easy to adjust the temperature of the therapy gel pack for your pet's needs. Our patent pending design works seamlessly with a coordinated Pet Therapy Wrap for optimal relief.

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