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The Caldera Universal Pet Therapy Gel Pack offers a unique solution for pet care. This medium-sized gel pack is part of Caldera International's patented Pet Therapy line, designed with a special focus on canine anatomy. The gel formula has been modified for prolonged effectiveness, providing extended relief for your pet.

Safety and convenience are at the forefront of this product's design. It is latex-free, non-toxic, and non-hazardous, ensuring it is safe for your pet. The gel pack is also microwave and freezer safe, allowing for both hot and cold applications depending on your pet's needs. Furthermore, it remains pliable when frozen, making it easy to wrap around your pet.

Each Caldera Pet Therapy Gel Pack comes with heating and freezing instructions, ensuring you can use the product correctly and effectively. This pack is also designed to work in conjunction with the Caldera Pet Therapy Wrap, offering a comprehensive solution for pet therapy.

The Caldera Pet Therapy Gel Pack is made in the USA, underscoring Caldera International's commitment to quality. Experience the benefits of this patented, customized pet therapy solution for your beloved pet.

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Caldera, Universal Pet Therapy Gel Pack, Medium Q&A

Where is the Pet Therapy Gel made?
The Pet Therapy Gel is made in the USA.
Is the gel pack toxic?
No, the gel pack is non-toxic and non-hazardous.
Can the gel pack be heated in a microwave?
Yes, the gel pack is microwave and freezer safe.
Does the gel pack remain pliable when frozen?
Yes, the gel pack remains pliable even when frozen.
What materials are the gel packs made of?
The gel packs are latex-free and made of non-toxic materials.
Do the gel packs offer hot or cold treatment?
Yes, the gel packs can be used for both hot and cold treatment.
How do I know how to heat or freeze the gel pack?
Heating and freezing instructions are included on each gel pack.
Is there a specific wrap for the gel pack?
Yes, each Pet Therapy Gel Pack is designed to work with a coordinated Pet Therapy Wrap.
How does the gel pack provide prolonged effectiveness?
The gel formula in the Pet Therapy line is modified for prolonged effectiveness.
What size is the Universal Pet Therapy Gel Pack?
The Universal Pet Therapy Gel Pack is available in Medium size.

Item Specifications

BrandCaldera, Caldera International
ProductUniversal Pet Therapy Gel Pack
Customized forCanine Anatomy
Gel Formula ModificationProlonged effectiveness
Microwave and Freezer SafeYes
Remains Pliable When FrozenYes
Heating and Freezing InstructionsIncluded on each gel pack
Designed for Use WithCoordinated Pet Therapy Wrap
TreatmentHot or Cold

Prolonged Relief for Your Canine Companion: Caldera Universal Pet Therapy Gel Pack Medium

Introducing Caldera International's unique, patent-pending Pet Therapy line, specially designed and customized for the canine anatomy. Our Pet Therapy Gel Packs offer hot or cold relief for your pets, with a gel formula modified to ensure prolonged effectiveness.

Made in the USA, our reusable Pet Therapy Gel is latex-free, non-toxic, and non-hazardous, offering safe and efficient hot or cold treatment options. The gel packs are suitable for both microwave and freezer use and maintain flexibility even when frozen.

Our Universal Pet Therapy Gel Pack Medium is designed to work seamlessly with a coordinated Pet Therapy Wrap, providing a comprehensive solution for soothing comfort and relief to your cherished companion.

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