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  • Avery, Bumper/Bird Bag, Black

Avery, Bumper/Bird Bag, Black

by Avery Item #: 903006-01859
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Effortlessly Transport Your Training Gear with the Avery Bumper/Bird Bag
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Sporting Dog's Bumper/Bird Bag in sleek black is the perfect accessory for all your retriever training needs. This bag is designed to effortlessly transport your training gear, including up to 30 2-inch bumpers and other types of retriever training dummies.

It's more than just a bag; it's a stylish, efficient, and discreet solution for carrying your equipment in the field. The Avery Bumper/Bird Bag is crafted in a black color, blending seamlessly into your surroundings for a more immersive training experience.

Featuring a vinyl-coated mesh front for enhanced durability and breathability, this bag also includes a solid vinyl back for additional strength and protection. The easy access zippered top provides convenience while the expandable side pocket allows for additional storage space.

The unique selling points of the Avery Bumper/Bird Bag are its substantial carrying capacity and discreet design. Its ability to carry a significant amount of bumpers and other training equipment in such a compact and stylish bag sets it apart from other products in the market.

In addition, this bag is a product of Avery Sporting Dog, a trusted brand in the field of retriever training equipment, ensuring quality and durability. With the Avery Bumper/Bird Bag in black, transporting your training gear has never been more effortless or stylish.
  • Breathable vinyl-coated mesh front
  • Solid vinyl back keeps handler dry
  • Zippered top & expandable side pocket
  • Holds over 30 standard 2" bumpers
  • Sturdy carry handles

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Avery, Bumper/Bird Bag, Black Q&A

What color is the Avery Bumper/Bird Bag?
Hunter Green.
How many 2-inch bumpers can it hold?
Over 30 standard 2-inch bumpers.
What is the front of the bag made of?
Breathable vinyl-coated mesh.
What is the back of the bag made of?
Solid vinyl.
What type of closure does the bag have?
A zippered top.
What is the purpose of the expandable side pocket?
To provide additional storage for smaller items.
Are there any handles on the bag?
Yes, it has sturdy carry handles.
Is the Avery Bumper/Bird Bag suitable for dog training equipment?
Yes, it is ideal for various types of dog training equipment.
Can this bag be used for hunting dog training?
Yes, it is perfect for hunting dog training purposes.
Is the Avery Bumper/Bird Bag durable?
Yes, it is designed to be long-lasting and durable.

Item Specifications

Product NameAvery Bumper/Bird Bag
ColorBlack, Hunter Green
CapacityHolds over 30 standard 2" bumpers
ConstructionBreathable vinyl-coated mesh front, Solid vinyl back
FeaturesZippered top, Expandable side pocket, Sturdy carry handles
FunctionalityCarrying bumpers and dummies for training
Suitable forHunting dog training, Retriever training, Dog training decoy and dummy carrying

Upgrade Your Training Gear Transportation with the Avery Bumper/Bird Bag

The Avery Bumper/Bird Bag is an essential accessory for every trainer and hunting enthusiast. Its Hunter Green color seamlessly blends into the surroundings, allowing you to discreetly carry up to 30 2-inch bumpers, along with other bumpers and dummies.

Designed with practicality in mind, the Avery Bumper/Bird Bag features a breathable vinyl-coated mesh front for easy access to your gear and a solid vinyl back to keep you dry. The zippered top ensures your equipment stays secure and organized, while the expandable side pocket provides additional storage for smaller items.

With sturdy carry handles, transporting your training gear has never been easier. The Avery Bumper/Bird Bag is ideal for dog training decoy bags, dummy bags, hunting dog training bumper bags, and retriever training equipment. Upgrade your gear transportation and make your training sessions more efficient with the Avery Bumper/Bird Bag.

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