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  • NBS Leather Dog Collar, Standard, 1" Wide

NBS Leather Dog Collar, Standard, 1" Wide

Item #: 1031010-M
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Extra Thick and Durable Dog Collars
FREE Nameplate with This Collar
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The NBS Leather Dog Collar, Standard, 1" Wide is a perfect blend of durability and style, crafted for dogs that are ready to take on any challenge. This extra thick and robust collar, made from premium-grade leather, is designed to withstand rigorous training and tough field conditions. Treated with preservatives, the leather remains supple yet sturdy over years of use. The collar's hardware is nickel-plated, while the rivets are capped for additional strength, enhancing the overall durability of the product.

One of the unique selling points of this collar is the FREE Personalized Solid Brass Nameplate that comes with it. Complemented by machine-stamped solid brass rivets, the nameplate adds a rugged yet stylish look to the collar. For a unique touch, you can also opt for our stainless steel nameplate option, attached with complimentary machine-stamped nickel-plated steel rivets. This design element pairs beautifully with the collar's nickel-plated hardware, creating an appealing contrast.

The NBS Leather Dog Collar is designed in a standard style configuration, featuring a buckle and a D-ring. High-quality nickel-plated hardware and capped rivets further enhance its durability and longevity. The free personalized solid brass nameplate, attached with capped rivets, is an added bonus that not only enhances the collar's aesthetics but also provides a practical function, allowing for easy identification of your pet.

We understand that the perfect fit is crucial for your dog's comfort. Hence, the collar's sizing is based on your dog's Neck Size, not the total collar length. We offer Neck Size options of 15" Long, 17" Long, 19" Long, and 21" Long. We recommend measuring your dog's neck with a string or a tailor's tape to ensure the best fit.

Discover the perfect blend of rugged durability and stylish design with the NBS Leather Dog Collar. It is more than just a collar; it is a statement of your dog's readiness to learn and explore.


We measure our collars from the end of the buckle to the middle of 5 holes NOT the entire length of the collar, so when we say that a collar has a NECK SIZE of 15" long this length is the distance between the buckle and the middle hole. Ultimately this measurement is based on your dog's Neck Size.

With that in mind, the best way to get a collar that fits properly is to put a string around your dog's neck where the collar will lay, and where it meets, cut it off and measure it. If you have a tailor's tape, you can do the same measurement and read the tape where it meets. That is the figure we will need to send you a collar that fits your dog correctly.
  • Extra-heavy oiled leather
  • Double riveted for added strength
  • Nickel hardware
  • Roller buckle

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NBS Leather Dog Collar, Standard, 1" Wide Q&A

What is the collar made from?
The collar is made from premium-grade leather.
Are the collars suitable for training?
Yes, they are designed for tough training situations and field conditions.
What type of hardware does the collar have?
Nickel-plated hardware and capped rivets.
How is the collar sized?
Sizing is measured from the end of the buckle to the middle of five holes.
What is included with the collar?
A FREE personalized solid brass nameplate is included.
Is there an option for a stainless steel nameplate?
Yes, a stainless steel nameplate is available as an alternative.
What is the Standard Style collar configuration?
It features a buckle followed immediately by a D-ring.
Are the collars suitable for outdoor activities?
Yes, they are designed for rigorous outdoor activities and field conditions.
How is the nameplate attached to the collar?
With complimentary machine-stamped solid brass rivets.
How strong is the collar?
The collar is made to be extra thick and durable for rigorous use.

Item Specifications

BrandNBS Leather
ProductDog Collar
MaterialExtra-heavy oiled leather
HardwareNickel-plated; rivets capped for extra strength
NameplateFREE Personalized Solid Brass / Stainless Steel
SizingMeasured from end of buckle to middle of 5 holes
Additional FeaturesDouble riveted, roller buckle
Suitable forTough training and field conditions

Extra Durable NBS Leather Dog Collar for Rigorous Training

Introducing the exceptionally durable and extra thick NBS Leather Standard Dog Collar, designed to withstand tough training sessions and rigorous field conditions. This premium-grade collar is perfect for dogs that are motivated to learn and eager to find birds.

The NBS Leather Collar boasts a supple yet strong design, with preservatives tanned into the leather to ensure it lasts for years. Its nickel-plated hardware and capped rivets are built for extra strength, while the complimentary personalized solid brass nameplate adds a touch of uniqueness.

Opt for a stainless steel nameplate that matches the collar's nickel-plated hardware for a different look. The Standard Style collar configuration comes with a buckle followed by a D-ring, complemented by quality brass hardware and capped rivets.

Never worry about collar sizing as we measure from the end of the buckle to the middle of five holes, ensuring an accurate and comfortable fit for your dog. The NBS Leather Standard Dog Collar is the ideal accessory for rigorous training and outdoor activities.

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