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  • VDD-GNA, JGHV VJP and HZP Test Video, DVD


by Dogs Unlimited LLC Item #: 001VDD-VJPHZP
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Master the VDD-GNA, JGHV VJP and HZP Tests with This Comprehensive Video
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Boost your preparation for the VDD-GNA, JGHV VJP and HZP Tests with Dogs Unlimited LLC's comprehensive test video, available on DVD. This product contains insightful and detailed guidance on how to train for and successfully pass these tests.

The VJP video includes eight informative chapters, starting with an introduction to the VJP and concluding with an Outro. It covers important aspects such as the Hare Track, Field Search & Pointing, Cooperation, Desire, and Obedience.

The HZP video comprises fourteen chapters that provide a thorough understanding of the HZP, including chapters on Gun Sensitivity - Water, Blind Retrieve from Cover, Search Behind Live Duck, Fur & Feather Drags, Use of Nose, and Manner of Retrieve. It also includes valuable training tips to further aid your preparation.

In addition to the video content, this product also grants access to printable tips. These include the VJP Handling and Training Tips and the HZP Handling and Training Tips, both of which are accessible via the provided links.

This VDD-GNA, JGHV VJP and HZP Test Video DVD from Dogs Unlimited LLC is a complete guide to mastering these tests. It's a unique combination of comprehensive training material and practical tips, making it a valuable resource for those preparing for these tests. It's not just about passing the tests, but mastering them. With this product, you're not just studying, you're preparing to excel.

Included in the VJP video -

Chapter 1 - Intro to VJP Video
Chapter 2 - What is the VJP?
Chapter 3 - Hare Track
Chapter 4 - Field Search & Pointing
Chapter 5 - Cooperation
Chapter 6 - Desire
Chapter 7 - Obedience
Chapter 8 - Outro

Included in the HZP video -

Chapter 1 - Intro to HZP Video
Chapter 2 - What is the HZP?
Chapter 3 - Field Search & Pointing
Chapter 4 - Gun Sensitivity - Water
Chapter 5 - Blind Retrieve from Cover
Chapter 6 - Search Behind Live Duck
Chapter 7 - Fur & Feather Drags
Chapter 8 - Use of Nose
Chapter 9 - Cooperation
Chapter 10 - Desire
Chapter 11 - Obedience
Chapter 12 - Manner of Retrieve
Chapter 13 - Training Tips
Chapter 14 - Outro

Printable Tips (click to open) -


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What tests does this video cover?
This video covers the VDD-GNA, JGHV VJP and HZP Tests.
Who is the video suitable for?
The video is suitable for beginners and experienced handlers alike.
What elements of the tests are covered in the video?
The video covers hare tracks, field searches, obedience, desire, and more.
Where can I buy this training video?
You can purchase this training video from Dogs Unlimited LLC.
What type of dog breeds is the content of the training video relevant to?
The training video is relevant to Deutsch-Drahthaar and Deutsch-Langhaar breeds.
Does the video provide training tips?
Yes, the video provides training tips for achieving the best results.
Is the video divided into chapters?
Yes, the video is divided into chapters for each topic covered in the VJP and HZP tests.
What organizations oversee these tests?
Some organizations that oversee the tests include DKGNA, CANAMDK, NADKC, CDKA, JGV-Rocky Mountain, JGV-North America, and JGV-USA.
What skills can the handler expect to develop using this training video?
The handler can expect to develop skills in handling, obedience, and successful retrieves in various scenarios.
How does the video assist in achieving higher test scores?
The video provides step-by-step instructions for each stage of the tests, ensuring that the handler and the dog are well-prepared.

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Test Video TitleVDD-GNA, JGHV VJP and HZP Test Video, DVD
VJP Video Chapters1. Intro to VJP Video
HZP Video Chapters1. Intro to HZP Video

VDD-GNA, JGHV VJP and HZP Test Training Video: Master the Tests

Discover the secrets to success with this comprehensive training video for the VDD-GNA, JGHV VJP, and HZP Tests. Designed for both beginners and experienced handlers alike, this DVD by Dogs Unlimited LLC takes you step by step through each stage of the tests.

Unlock the true potential of your dog with this in-depth guide that covers every aspect of the VDD-GNA, JGHV VJP, and HZP Tests. From hare tracks and field searches to obedience and desire, you'll learn exactly what it takes to achieve the highest scores.

Don't leave your results to chance - invest in this indispensable training tool that will ensure you and your dog are well-prepared for the VDD-GNA, JGHV VJP, and HZP Tests.

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