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Experience the most efficient and convenient way to carry your game calls with the Faulk Game Call, Lanyard, Double. This innovative product, crafted by the renowned Faulks Game Call Co., Inc., is specifically designed to hold two game calls, making it an essential accessory for every duck and goose hunter.

Faulk's Game Call, Lanyard, Double features robust camo nylon cording and springs, ensuring a secure and firm hold of your calls, eliminating the fear of losing them in the field. The use of high-quality materials guarantees its durability, even in the most demanding hunting conditions. With its camouflage design, this lanyard blends seamlessly with your hunting gear, ensuring you remain undetected by your prey.

With this double call lanyard, your game calls are always within easy reach, allowing for quick access when the moment strikes. Whether you're a seasoned waterfowl hunter or just starting out, this two call lanyard offers a practical solution to keep your calls close and organized.

The Faulk Game Call, Lanyard, Double is more than just a lanyard - it's a game changer. It combines functionality with practicality, bringing an unparalleled level of convenience to your hunting experience.

Upgrade your hunting gear today with the Faulk Game Call, Lanyard, Double and experience the difference. The perfect blend of form, function, and reliability, this is one accessory you can't afford to miss.

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Faulk Game Call, Lanyard, Double Q&A

How many calls can this lanyard hold?
Two calls.
What materials are used in the lanyard?
Camo nylon cording and springs.
Which types of calls can it hold?
Various types, including duck and goose calls.
What is the main benefit of the Faulk's double call lanyard?
Better accessibility and quick access to calls.
How secure is the hold on the calls?
Very secure, thanks to the cording and springs.
Is the design of the lanyard discreet?
Yes, it has a camo nylon cording for a stealthy appearance.
How does this lanyard improve my hunting performance?
By keeping calls close and accessible for fast reaction time.
Can I use this lanyard during waterfowl season?
Yes, it's perfect for waterfowl season.
How does the lanyard blend with other hunting equipment?
Its camo design allows it to blend seamlessly with your gear.
What is the lanyard's main purpose?
To hold game calls securely and provide quick access for the user.

Item Specifications

BrandFaulk's Game Calls
Lanyard TypeDouble call lanyard
Number of Calls Held2 calls
MaterialCamo nylon cording and springs
Call Holding MechanismSprings
UsesDuck call, Goose call, Waterfowl call
Additional ItemsWhistles, Lanyards, Waterfowl gear
Applicable SeasonWaterfowl season

Faulk's Double Game Call Lanyard: Calls Ready When You Need Them

Upgrade your waterfowl gear with Faulk's double game call lanyard, designed to hold two game calls securely in place. The camo nylon cording and springs ensure a firm grip on your calls.

Experience better performance during waterfowl season with the Faulk's Game Calls double lanyard. With your calls close and accessible, you can react faster to every hunting scenario.

Faulk's double call lanyard features camo nylon cording for a discreet look and blends seamlessly with your hunting equipment. Don't miss an opportunity with a game call lanyard that keeps your calls secure and ready.

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