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  • Avery, Pheasant Scent

Avery, Pheasant Scent

by Avery Item #: 903440-02017
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Train Your Dog to Locate Game with Avery Pheasant Scent
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Pheasant Scent is a game-changing product that harnesses the power of natural pheasant scent, concentrated into a potent training tool. This product is perfect for training dogs of all ages and experience levels, from the enthusiastic puppy to the seasoned hunting dog.

The Avery Pheasant Scent is a versatile and effective solution to enhance your dog's hunting skills. It's designed to train your dog to locate game, ensuring they are field-ready at all times. The unique formulation aids in transforming upland dogs into skilled hunters, improving their ability to pick up the scent of pheasants.

This highly concentrated dog training scent comes in a convenient 4 fluid oz bottle, providing a long-lasting supply for your training needs. The Avery Pheasant Scent will revolutionize the way your dog hunts, teaching them to accurately and efficiently locate their game.

The Avery Pheasant Scent truly stands out in the market due to its high concentration and versatility. It provides an effective solution for training dogs of all ages and experience levels. Make the Avery Pheasant Scent a part of your dog training toolkit and witness the transformation in your dog's hunting skills.

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Avery, Pheasant Scent Q&A

What is Avery Pheasant Scent used for?
Avery Pheasant Scent is used for training dogs to locate game.
How does Avery Pheasant Scent benefit inexperienced dogs?
Inexperienced dogs quickly learn to pick up the scent, improving their game locating abilities.
Is Avery Pheasant Scent suitable for experienced dogs?
Yes, it helps experienced dogs stay ready for the field.
What type of dogs can use Avery Pheasant Scent?
It is ideal for upland dogs, puppies, young dogs, and experienced dogs.
How much Avery Pheasant Scent is available in one bottle?
One bottle contains 4 fluid oz of scent.
Can Avery Pheasant Scent be used for multiple training sessions?
Yes, the 4 fluid oz bottle allows for multiple training sessions.
Does this scent help in training hunting dogs?
Yes, it aids in the training of all hunting dogs to locate game efficiently.
Is the Avery Pheasant Scent easy to use?
Yes, the 4 fluid oz bottle makes it easy to use for training sessions.
How does it improve the dog's hunting abilities?
Avery Pheasant Scent helps dogs quickly learn to pick up and locate game scent, enhancing their hunting skills.
Can Avery Pheasant Scent be used with puppies?
Yes, it is effective for training puppies and young dogs.

Item Specifications

ProductPheasant Scent
ConcentrationHighly concentrated
EffectivenessHighly effective in teaching dog to locate game
TrainingSuitable for puppies, young dogs, and experienced dogs
UsageAids in the training of all hunting dogs
BenefitsInexperienced dogs quickly learn to pick up the scent
Ideal forTraining upland dogs
Size4 fluid oz

Avery Pheasant Scent: Effective Dog Training for Locating Game

Introducing the powerful Avery Pheasant Scent for successful dog training. This highly concentrated scent is perfect for teaching your dog to locate the game you intend for them to hunt, ensuring a productive hunting experience.

Optimize your dog's potential with Avery Pheasant Scent which is ideal for training upland dogs. Inexperienced dogs quickly learn to pick up the scent and become efficient game locators. Keeping experienced dogs ready for the field has never been easier.

With 4 fluid oz of Avery Pheasant Scent, training puppies, young dogs, and maintaining experienced dogs' skills becomes hassle-free, allowing for multiple training sessions and maximizing your dog's hunting abilities.

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