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  • Avery, Duck Scent

Avery, Duck Scent

by Avery Item #: 903440-02015
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Improve Your Dog's Hunting Skills with Avery Duck Scent
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This Avery Duck Scent is highly concentrated and is highly effective in teaching your dog to locate the game you intend for them to hunt.

Very effective for puppies and young dog training and to keep experienced dogs ready for the field.

Scents aid in the training of all hunting dogs -

*Inexperienced dogs quickly learn to pick up the scent
*Ideal for training waterfowl dogs

4 fluid oz

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Avery, Duck Scent Q&A

Does Avery Duck Scent work with puppies?
Yes, it is suitable for puppies and young dogs.
How much scent is in a bottle?
One bottle contains 4 fluid oz.
Can this scent help train waterfowl hunting dogs?
Yes, it is ideal for training waterfowl hunting dogs.
Is Avery Duck Scent highly concentrated?
Yes, it is highly concentrated for maximum effectiveness.
Does it work for inexperienced dogs?
Yes, inexperienced dogs quickly learn to pick up the scent.
Can it help experienced dogs maintain their skills?
Yes, it helps keep experienced dogs ready for the field.
Is Avery Duck Scent easy to use?
Yes, it is easy to use during training sessions.
How quickly does my dog notice results?
Dogs can notice results in a short amount of time.
Is this scent suitable for all dogs?
It works for all hunting dogs in various stages of training.
Is Avery Duck Scent safe for my dog?
Yes, it is safe for your hunting dogs during training.

Item Specifications

ProductAvery Duck Scent
ConcentrationHighly concentrated
EffectivenessHighly effective for teaching dogs to locate game intended for hunting
Suitable forPuppies, young dogs, and experienced dogs
Training PurposeAll hunting dogs
BenefitsInexperienced dogs quickly learn to pick up scent
Ideal forTraining waterfowl dogs
Quantity4 fluid oz
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Avery Duck Scent - Boost Your Dog's Hunting Abilities

Boost your dog's hunting capabilities with the concentrated, powerful Avery Duck Scent to locate game like ducks better. This training scent is perfect for young and inexperienced dogs as well as keeping seasoned dogs in top shape for the field.

The specially-formulated Avery Duck Scent ensures your hunting dogs quickly learn to pick up the scent of waterfowl for successful training sessions. With 4 fluid oz of scented solution, you'll have plenty of opportunities to put your dog's skills to the test.

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