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The FieldKing BTL Fat Boy Saddle Strap is a reliable and essential tool for any equestrian. Specifically designed to secure your saddle, it effectively prevents slipping during the mounting process.

This saddle strap is easy to use - simply clip one end to the girth and the other to the rear area of the saddle opposite the mounting side. Once tightened, its innovative cross-torque action helps maintain the saddle's position, enhancing rider safety and comfort while mounting.

Crafted from the finest full-grain bridle leather, this strap boasts exceptional durability. Sourced exclusively from USA cowhides and tanned using vegetable oil, it ensures long-lasting use while also being eco-friendly.

The FieldKing BTL Fat Boy Saddle Strap features brass hardware, adding an elegant touch to its robust design. Its standard length is approximately 47", with three different adjustment points for a precise and personalized fit.

Whether you're using a trooper saddle, western saddle, or most any field trial saddles, the FieldKing BTL Fat Boy Saddle Strap is an excellent choice. Experience the unique combination of functionality, durability, and style with this superior saddle accessory. Made in the USA, it truly embodies the quality and craftsmanship that FieldKing is known for. Secure your saddle in style with the FieldKing BTL Fat Boy Saddle Strap.
  • Solid brass hardware
  • 3 Points of adjustment
  • 1" wide full grain bridle leather
  • Vegetable tanned and hand-oiled
  • Made in the USA utilizing USA cowhides

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FieldKing, BTL Fat Boy Saddle Strap, Brass Hardware Q&A

What is the primary purpose of the FieldKing BTL Fat Boy Saddle Strap?
The primary purpose is to prevent saddle slippage during the mounting process.
What materials is the saddle strap made from?
It is made from full-grain bridle leather and brass hardware.
What is the standard length of the strap?
The standard length is approximately 47 inches.
How many points of adjustment does the strap offer?
There are three points of adjustment for a customizable fit.
How wide is the leather strap?
The strap is 1 inch wide.
What type of tanning process is used for the leather?
The leather is vegetable tanned.
Where is the FieldKing BTL Fat Boy Saddle Strap made?
It is made in the USA using USA cowhides.
What saddle types can the strap be used with?
The strap is compatible with various saddle types, including trooper and field trial saddles.
What is the finish of the saddle strap?
The strap has a hand-oiled finish for added suppleness.
What hardware is used in the strap?
Solid brass hardware is used for added durability and strength.

Item Specifications

Product NameFieldKing BTL Fat Boy Saddle Strap, Brass Hardware
PurposePrevent a saddle from slipping during the mounting process
MaterialFull-grain bridle leather
Leather SourceUSA cowhides
Tanning MethodVegetable oil
LengthApproximately 47" standard length
Adjustment Points3 different points for refined adjustment
HardwareSolid brass
Tanned and OiledHand-oiled
Made inUSA

FieldKing BTL Fat Boy Saddle Strap: Your Solution for Safe Horse Mounting

Introducing the FieldKing BTL Fat Boy Saddle Strap - your ultimate solution for secure and safe horse mounting. This high-quality strap is designed to keep your saddle steady during the mounting process, preventing it from slipping and providing you with the confidence you need.

Made in the USA using only the finest full-grain bridle leather sourced from USA cowhides, the FieldKing BTL Fat Boy Saddle Strap ensures durability and strength for years to come. The vegetable tanning process and hand-oiled finish ensures that your strap will remain supple and ready for work.

The solid brass hardware and 1-inch wide bridle leather provides the perfect combination of style and function. With three points of adjustment, this versatile strap can be customized to fit your unique saddle and mounting needs. Let the FieldKing BTL Fat Boy Saddle Strap simplify your horse mounting experience.

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