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  • FieldKing, BTL Bridle Leather Dog Lead, Traffic Lead, 3/4" Wide X 20" Long

FieldKing, BTL Bridle Leather Dog Lead, Traffic Lead, 3/4" Wide X 20" Long

by FieldKing Item #: 1352200-00120
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Control and Comfort with the FieldKing Leather Traffic Lead
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Experience an exceptional blend of control and comfort with the FieldKing BTL Bridle Leather Traffic Lead. This premium product is carefully crafted from the finest full-grain bridle leather from USA cowhides. With a length of 20", this traffic lead offers a perfect balance between giving your dog some freedom and maintaining complete control.

The leather is tanned in America using vegetable oil, ensuring the lead possesses the suppleness and durability expected in a superior leather product. The solid brass hardware, attached with incredibly durable Chicago Screws, complements the luxurious leather, enhancing the overall quality and durability of the lead.

The FieldKing Leather Traffic Lead is meticulously hand-oiled to showcase its rich, natural color and increase its softness. The more you use this lead, the more pliable and comfortable it becomes, adapting to your hand's contours.

This leather traffic lead is designed to be longer than standard heeling leads, giving your dog a bit more freedom while still allowing you to have complete control. As a versatile tool, this leather traffic lead for dogs doubles as an effective leather dog training lead, making it an ideal choice for both casual walks and training sessions.

Whether you're a hunter needing reliable dog leads or a pet owner looking for a high-quality leash, the FieldKing BTL Bridle Leather Dog Lead is a perfect choice. Experience the FieldKing difference today and give your canine companion the comfort and control they deserve.
  • Solid brass hardware
  • Bolt snap & Chicago screws
  • 8" handhold loop
  • 3/4" wide full grain bridle leather
  • Vegetable tanned and hand-oiled
  • Made in the USA utilizing USA cowhides

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FieldKing, BTL Bridle Leather Dog Lead, Traffic Lead, 3/4" Wide X 20" Long Q&A

Why is vegetable-tanned leather important?
Vegetable-tanned leather is eco-friendly and provides a more supple and durable product.
Can my dog have some freedom while using the traffic lead?
Yes, the lead allows for more freedom, while still giving you complete control.
What type of leather is used for the FieldKing Traffic Lead?
The lead is made from full grain bridle leather.
What type of hardware is used?
Solid brass hardware ensures a strong and secure connection to your dog's collar.
Does the lead become more comfortable over time?
Yes, the more the lead is used, the more pliable and comfortable it becomes.
What is the width and length of the lead?
The lead is 3/4 inches wide and 20 inches long.
What is the benefit of having a handhold loop?
An 8 inch handhold loop provides extra control during walks and training sessions.
Does the traffic lead work for training?
Yes, it is ideal for training and other situations requiring control and comfort.
Is the lead eco-friendly?
The vegetable tanning process ensures an eco-friendly lead.
Where are FieldKing BTL Bridle Leather Traffic Leads made?
FieldKing leads are proudly made in the USA using domestic cowhides.

Item Specifications

Product NameBTL Bridle Leather Dog Lead, Traffic Lead
Size/Dimensions3/4" W, 20" L
MaterialFull-grain bridle leather, solid brass hardware
Tanning ProcessVegetable oil, tanned in America
FeaturesHand-oiled, 8" handhold loop, Bolt snap & Chicago screws
Suppleness and DurabilityIncreases with use
Length Comparison to Heeling LeadsLonger, offers more freedom and control
Made inUSA, utilizing USA cowhides
Suitable forDog traffic lead, training lead, general leash

FieldKing BTL Bridle Leather Traffic Lead: Quality and Control for Dog Owners

This Traffic Lead from FieldKing is of the finest quality and delivers complete control, making it the perfect choice for dog owners. Made from full-grain bridle leather and tanned with vegetable oil, the lead is designed for durability, comfort, and a rich natural color. The more you use it, the more pliable and comfortable it becomes.

Handcrafted and designed with the highest quality materials, this FieldKing traffic lead is made in the USA utilizing only the best domestic cowhides. The solid brass hardware ensures a strong, secure connection to your dog's collar, while the attached Chicago Screws add an extra level of durability. Combined with an 8 inch handhold loop, this lead ensures maximum control for you and more freedom for your dog.

Choose the FieldKing BTL Bridle Leather Traffic Lead for walks, training sessions, and all occasions requiring control and comfort. Vegetable tanned and hand-oiled, this exquisite lead will ensure a better and more pleasurable walking experience for both you and your dog.

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