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  • FieldKing, BTL Bridle Leather Dog Lead, Heeling Lead, 3/4" Wide X 16" Long

FieldKing, BTL Bridle Leather Dog Lead, Heeling Lead, 3/4" Wide X 16" Long

by FieldKing Item #: 1352200-00116
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Get Absolute Control with FieldKing's Leather Heeling Lead
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The FieldKing's BTL Bridle Leather Heeling Lead, a perfect blend of quality, durability and control. This heeling lead, measuring 3/4" in width and 16" in length, has been meticulously crafted from the finest full-grain bridle leather sourced from USA cowhides. Tanned in America using vegetable oil, this lead exhibits a rich natural color, unmatched suppleness and exceptional durability, making it the best dog leash on the market.

FieldKing's Leather Heeling Lead is not only a practical tool but also a testament to superior craftsmanship. Each leash is hand-oiled to enhance its natural color and suppleness, ensuring it ages beautifully with use, becoming even more pliable and comfortable over time.

The lead is complemented by solid brass hardware and secured with highly durable Chicago Screws, providing you with the utmost confidence in its construction. As a heeling lead, it is designed to offer absolute control of your dog, making walks, training and control more manageable and enjoyable.
  • Solid brass hardware
  • Bolt snap & Chicago screws
  • 8" handhold loop
  • 3/4" wide full grain bridle leather
  • Vegetable tanned and hand-oiled
  • Made in the USA utilizing USA cowhides

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FieldKing, BTL Bridle Leather Dog Lead, Heeling Lead, 3/4" Wide X 16" Long Q&A

What type of leather is used for the FieldKing Heeling Lead?
The heeling lead is made of the finest full-grain bridle leather.
What type of hardware does the lead feature?
The lead features solid brass hardware and Chicago Screws for durability.
Where is the FieldKing Heeling Lead made?
The lead is handmade in the USA using USA cowhides.
What is the length and width of the lead?
The lead is 16" long and 3/4" wide.
What is the advantage of vegetable tanned leather?
Vegetable tanned leather offers a supple feel and increased durability.
Can this lead enhance control over my canine companion?
Yes, the FieldKing Heeling Lead is designed for optimal control and handling.
Is the leather hand-oiled?
Yes, the leather is hand-oiled to bring out its rich natural color and add to its suppleness.
What type of snap does the lead have?
The lead features a solid brass bolt snap for secure attachment.
What kind of loop does the lead have for handholding?
The lead has an 8" handhold loop for a secure grip.
Will the lead become more comfortable over time?
Yes, as the lead is used, it will become more pliable and comfortable.

Item Specifications

Product NameBTL Bridle Leather Heeling Lead
MaterialFull-grain bridle leather
Source of LeatherUSA cowhides
Tanning MethodVegetable oil tanned in America
HardwareSolid brass (Bolt snap & Chicago screws)
Special FeatureHand-oiled to bring out natural color and suppleness
Handhold Loop8"
Made inUSA
Ideal UseAbsolute control of dog during heeling activities
Key WordsBest dog leash, Handmade leather dog leashes, Leather dog leash, Leather lead, Leather leash

FieldKing BTL Bridle Leather Heeling Lead: Unmatched Durability and Control

Experience the unmatched quality of FieldKing's BTL Bridle Leather Heeling Lead, crafted from the finest full-grain bridle leather for superior durability and control.

Indulge in the luxurious feel of this hand-oiled, vegetable tanned leather lead, featuring solid brass hardware and Chicago Screws to ensure long-lasting performance.

Made in the USA using only USA cowhides, the FieldKing Heeling Lead is the epitome of craftsmanship and reliability, perfect for maintaining control of your canine companion.

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