• Retriev-R-Trainer, Lucky Launcher II

Retriev-R-Trainer, Lucky Launcher II

by Retriev-R-Trainer Item #: 1015030-60005
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Elevate Your Dog Training with the Lucky Launcher II
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Train like a pro with the Lucky Launcher II. The stock and pistol grip make one-handed operation easy.
  • Shotgun design
  • 2 piece collapsible stock for portability
  • Head is cast aluminum
  • Barrel is machined from high grade aluminum
  • Stainless steel firing pin
  • Self closing thumb latch makes for simple one handed opening and closing

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Retriev-R-Trainer, Lucky Launcher II Q&A

What makes the Lucky Launcher II user-friendly?
Its one-handed operation, pistol grip, and self-closing thumb latch make it user-friendly.
What materials is the Lucky Launcher II made from?
The head is cast aluminum, the barrel is machined from high-grade aluminum, and the firing pin is stainless steel.
Is the Lucky Launcher II portable?
Yes, it has a two-piece collapsible stock for portability.
What type of design does the Lucky Launcher II have?
It has a shotgun-inspired design.
What is the maximum range of the Lucky Launcher II?
It has a maximum range of 250 feet.
Which accessories is the Lucky Launcher II compatible with?
It is compatible with Retriev-R-Trainer bumpers, dummies, and launchers.
Does the Lucky Launcher II require two hands to operate?
No, it is designed for easy one-handed operation.
What is the primary purpose of the Lucky Launcher II?
The primary purpose is to train hunting dogs effectively and efficiently.
Is the Lucky Launcher II durable?
Yes, it is made with high-quality materials for longevity and consistent performance.
How do you open and close the Lucky Launcher II?
It features a self-closing thumb latch for simple one-handed opening and closing.

Item Specifications

Best dummy launcherTrain like a pro with the Lucky Launcher II
Duck dog dummy launcherSuitable for training duck dogs
Dummy launcherOperates with a stock and pistol grip design
Hunting dog dummy launcherDesigned for hunting dog training
Launcher dummyCan be operated one-handed
Lucky Launcher IIHighly recommended and popular
Retriev-R-TrainerComparable alternative to the Lucky Launcher II
RRT dummy launcherSimilar to best dummy launchers
Stock dummy launcherFeatures a shotgun design
Shotgun designGives the launcher a realistic feel
2 piece collapsible stockMakes it portable and easy to transport
Head is cast aluminumEnsuring high durability
Barrel is machined from high grade aluminumPrecision machining for accuracy
Stainless steel firing pinReduces wear and ensures quick firing
Self closing thumb latchEnables simple one-handed opening and closing

Revolutionize Dog Training with the Lucky Launcher II Device

Upgrade your dog training regimen with the advanced and user-friendly Lucky Launcher II. This state-of-the-art training device combines a shotgun design and a two-piece collapsible stock, making it perfect for on-the-go trainers.

Constructed from high-grade materials, the Lucky Launcher II features a cast aluminum head and a barrel machined from top-quality aluminum. Made to last, it also boasts a stainless steel firing pin for consistent performance.

Enjoy effortless one-handed operation with the Lucky Launcher II's pistol grip and self-closing thumb latch. This innovative design eliminates the need for cumbersome two-handed training techniques and allows for more efficient training sessions.

Versatile and reliable, the Lucky Launcher II is compatible with Retriev-R-Trainer bumpers, dummies, and launchers. Choose this effective training tool to help your hunting dog reach its full potential.