• Banded Hearing Protectors

Banded Hearing Protectors

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Effective Inexpensive Ear Protection
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These Banded Hearing Protectors are the best DOGS Unlimited has found for an inexpensive, reliable form of ear protection. The best protection when training and hunting.

The earplugs are on a molded plastic band that fits around your neck - simple and convenient! And that's important because if it's not convenient, no matter how good it is at protecting your hearing, you will not wear them.

Each band comes with an additional set of earplugs.

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Banded Hearing Protectors Q&A

What makes Banded Hearing Protectors affordable?
These protectors are priced competitively without compromising on quality and effectiveness.
Are these ear protectors suitable for hunting?
Yes, they are perfect for hunting as they effectively reduce noise and protect your hearing.
Can these be used for training?
Absolutely, they provide excellent protection during gun dog training sessions.
What makes these protectors comfortable?
The molded plastic band fits comfortably around the neck, ensuring hassle-free usage.
Are the earplugs reusable?
Yes, these earplugs are designed for repeated use, making them a cost-effective choice.
Do they come with extra earplugs?
Yes, each band includes an additional set of earplugs.
What makes these protectors stand out from other ear protection options?
Their affordability, convenience, and effectiveness make them a superior choice for hearing protection.
What benefits will I get from using these ear protectors?
You'll enjoy effective noise reduction, comfort, and convenience while hunting and training.
Do these protectors fit all head sizes?
Yes, the flexible design ensures a comfortable fit for all head sizes.
Can I wear Banded Hearing Protectors with glasses?
Yes, the design allows for easy compatibility with eyewear, ensuring protection without compromising comfort.

Item Specifications

ProductBanded Hearing Protectors
BrandDOGS Unlimited
PurposeEar protection during training and hunting
DesignMolded plastic band that fits around your neck
ConvenienceSimple and convenient to wear
Additional ItemsEach band comes with an additional set of earplugs
Related CategoriesEye / Ear / Coat Care

Top-Quality Inexpensive Banded Hearing Protectors for Hunting and Training

Keep your ears safe with Banded Hearing Protectors - the top-notch option for affordable, dependable ear protection during hunting and training. Don't compromise on convenience or effectiveness with these noise-reducing wonders.

Enjoy the simplicity and ease of use of these Banded Hearing Protectors, featuring a molded plastic band that fits comfortably around your neck. Say goodbye to ear discomfort and hello to hassle-free ear protection during your hunting and training sessions.

Not all ear protectors are created equal. Our Banded Hearing Protectors stand out with their reusable design and additional set of earplugs included. Invest in superior hearing protection that lasts, whether you're out hunting or training your gun dog.