• DVD, Training Setters & Continental Breeds by Sherry Ray Ebert

DVD, Training Setters & Continental Breeds by Sherry Ray Ebert

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Master Gun Dog Training Techniques with Sherry Ebert
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Sherry Ebert is recognized worldwide as one of the foremost authorities on training English Setters.

For 32 years, Sherry was part of the Harold and Sherry Ray team that trained and campaigned the famed Smith Setters. During this period, she helped develop 22 champions including the Field Trial Hall of Fame inductees Tomoka and The Performer.

Today Sherry trains publicly in North Dakota and works with setters, Brittanys, German Shorthairs, and pointers. Sherry stresses the only difference between a top-notch gun dog and a field trial performer is range, so the training is the same. The non-abusive methods shown are those of a master trainer and work well on both strong-willed and more sensitive dogs.

You will learn how to:

* Pick a puppy and care for it.
* Get the puppy to point.
* Introduce your dog to birds.
* Use the electronic training collar.
* Use a barrel to teach whoa, develop composure and help teach him to hold point.
* Use pigeons to train your dog to be steady on point and to flush and shot.
* Get your dog to back or honor another pointed dog.
* Control your dog's range.
* Condition your dog for top performance.
* Clip your setter or Brittany.

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DVD, Training Setters & Continental Breeds by Sherry Ray Ebert Q&A

What breeds does this DVD cover?
Setters, pointers, Brittanys, and German Shorthairs.
What are the training methods like?
It teaches non-abusive methods that work for both strong-willed and sensitive dogs.
Does this DVD cover puppy selection and care?
Yes, it includes guidance on picking a puppy and caring for it.
What devices can I watch the DVD on?
A standard DVD player, computer, or game console that supports DVD playback.
Can this DVD help with dog training techniques?
Yes, it guides users in using an electronic collar, pigeon training, and range control.
What type of performance is this DVD aiming for?
It aims to help train your dog for top hunting performance.
Will this DVD teach me how to groom my setter?
Yes, it includes instructions on clipping setters and Brittanys.
Is Sherry Ebert a renowned trainer?
Yes, she is recognized worldwide as an authority on training English Setters and has developed 22 champions.
How many champions has Sherry Ebert helped develop?
She has helped develop 22 champions.
What is the main focus of this DVD?
The main focus is to teach you how to train your gun dog or Continental breed for hunting success.

Item Specifications

TitleDVD, Training Setters & Continental Breeds by Sherry Ray Ebert
TrainerSherry Ray Ebert
Training DisciplinesEnglish Setters, Setters, Gordon Setters, Irish Setters, Brittanys, German Shorthairs, Pointers
Years of Experience32 years
Number of Champions Developed22
Field Trial Hall of Fame InducteesTomoka, The Performer
Training LocationNorth Dakota
Non-Abusive Training MethodsMaster Trainer, works on strong-willed and sensitive dogs
Skills CoveredPicking a puppy, puppy care, teaching puppy to point, introducing birds, using electronic training collar, using a barrel for teaching whoa and composure, using pigeons for steadiness on point and flush/shot, teaching dog to back/honor another pointed dog, controlling dog’s range, conditioning for top performance, clipping Setters/Brittanys

Sherry Ebert's Comprehensive Gun Dog Training DVD - Setters & Continental Breeds

Discover the ultimate training guide for gun dogs and Continental breeds in Sherry Ebert's comprehensive DVD. This valuable resource will teach you how to transform your bird dog into a top-notch hunter, regardless of breed or temperament.

Sherry Ebert is globally recognized for her expertise on training English Setters, pointers, Brittanys, and German Shorthairs. With 22 champions under her belt, you can trust her non-abusive methods will yield incredible results for both strong-willed and sensitive dogs alike.

From puppy selection to range control, this DVD covers every aspect of gun dog training. Learn how to effectively use an electronic collar, train your dog using pigeons, and condition your dog for peak performance. An invaluable resource for any hunting dog enthusiast.