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The Retriev-R-Trainer Shoulder Stock is a specialized training accessory designed to enhance your dummy launcher training experience. Made from solid aluminum, this product boasts an exceptionally durable construction that can withstand rigorous training sessions. Its black anodized finish not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also adds to its durability.

This Shoulder Stock stands out with its versatile design which allows for both shoulder and thigh firing of dummies, offering a more natural and comfortable way to train for retrievals. This unique design feature allows for precise control and enhanced comfort during training, increasing the effectiveness of your training exercises.

Despite its sturdy construction, the Retriev-R-Trainer Shoulder Stock is incredibly lightweight, making it easy to handle and less tiring to use during extended training sessions. Plus, its thoughtful design allows it to be easily disassembled for convenient storage.

In essence, the Retriev-R-Trainer Shoulder Stock is the perfect upgrade to your RRT handheld launcher, combining durability, versatility, and convenience to offer an unparalleled training experience. Elevate your dummy launcher training with the Retriev-R-Trainer Shoulder Stock.
  • Extremely durable
  • Allows for shoulder or thigh firing of dummies
  • Solid aluminum design
  • Light weight
  • Disassembles for convenient storage
  • Black anodized finish

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Retriev-R-Trainer, Shoulder Stock Q&A

Is the shoulder stock compatible with standard RRT handheld launchers?
Yes, the shoulder stock is compatible with standard RRT handheld launchers.
Can I use this accessory for thigh firing as well?
Absolutely! The shoulder stock allows for both shoulder and thigh firing.
What is the material used for the shoulder stock?
The shoulder stock is made of solid aluminum for durability.
Does it have a protective finish?
Yes, the shoulder stock has a black anodized finish for added protection and style.
Is the shoulder stock heavy?
No, the shoulder stock is designed to be lightweight for comfortable handling.
Can the shoulder stock be disassembled?
Yes, it easily disassembles for convenient storage.
What is the main benefit of using a shoulder stock?
The shoulder stock provides a more natural and comfortable way to launch dummies during training sessions.
Does it improve training effectiveness?
Yes, the Retriev-R-Trainer Shoulder Stock enhances training effectiveness by offering more comfortable launching options.
What type of finish does the shoulder stock have?
The shoulder stock features a sleek black anodized finish.
Is this accessory suitable for long training sessions?
Yes, the lightweight construction makes it ideal for extended training sessions without discomfort.

Item Specifications

Extremely durableBuilt to withstand regular usage
Shoulder or thigh firingAllows for versatile launching positions
Solid aluminum designSturdy and long-lasting construction
Light weightEasy to carry and maneuver
Disassembles for storageConvenient for storage and transport
Black anodized finishSleek and professional appearance

Retriev-R-Trainer Shoulder Stock: Dummy Launcher Training Made Easy

The Retriev-R-Trainer Shoulder Stock is a superb add-on accessory that upgrades your standard RRT handheld launcher, making it possible to fire dummies from your shoulder or thigh. This accessory dramatically improves your training experience, making it more natural, comfortable, and effective.

Featuring a solid aluminum design, this accessory is built to last, ensuring it will become a reliable training companion. The black anodized finish adds an extra layer of protection and a sleek appearance, while the lightweight construction ensures you can train for extended periods without discomfort.

The Retriev-R-Trainer Shoulder Stock also disassembles with ease, making storage a breeze. So, enhance your dummy launcher training sessions with this incredibly durable and versatile accessory today!

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