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  • Universal Shell Belt, Coyote Brown
  • Universal Shell Belt, Coyote Brown
  • Universal Shell Belt, Coyote Brown
  • Universal Shell Belt, Coyote Brown

Universal Shell Belt, Coyote Brown

by The Outdoor Connection Item #: 1348200-80541
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Quick Access to Shotgun Shells with this Universal Waist Belt
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Immerse yourself in the great outdoors with the Universal Shell Belt in Coyote Brown from The Outdoor Connection. This shotgun shell belt is a game-changer for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, providing quick, hassle-free access to your shotgun shells.

Designed with your convenience in mind, this shotgun shell belt is universally compatible with all sizes of shotgun shells, with a particular emphasis on 20 and 12-gauge shells. Please note that shells are not included with the purchase of the belt.

One of the key features of this shell belt is its waist design, ensuring your ammunition is always within arm's reach. Never miss a crucial moment during your hunting or outdoor adventures with the Universal shotgun shell belt.

But the Universal Shell Belt is more than just a practical tool. Its Coyote Brown color brings a dash of style to your hunting gear, making you stand out amongst the crowd.

The Outdoor Connection's Universal Shell Belt is a testament to the brand's dedication to delivering high-quality, functional gear for the modern hunter. It's not just a shotshell belt; it's an accessory that blends convenience, efficiency, and style in one package.

Experience the difference today with the Universal Shell Belt, Coyote Brown. Make your hunting and outdoor adventures more efficient and stylish.
  • Shell belt holds 25 shotgun shells
  • Wear belt conveniently around your waist
  • Quick access to ammunition
  • Positive locking buckle

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Universal Shell Belt, Coyote Brown Q&A

What is the capacity of this shell belt?
This shell belt can hold 25 shotgun shells.
Which size of shotgun shells is recommended?
20 and 12-gauge shells are recommended for this belt.
What color is the shell belt?
The shell belt is coyote brown.
Does this belt fit all waist sizes?
This belt is designed to conveniently fit around the waist of most individuals.
How is the ammunition secured?
The belt features a positive locking buckle to secure the ammunition.
Can this belt be used for bird hunting?
Yes, this belt is ideal for bird hunting enthusiasts.
Which brand makes this shell belt?
The Outdoor Connection manufactures this shell belt.
Does this shell belt make a good gift?
Yes, it's a practical and affordable gift for hunters, priced under $20.
What type of hunting gear does this belt complement?
This belt complements a variety of hunting gear, including shotguns and other accessories.
Can this belt hold other types of shells besides shotgun shells?
Though designed primarily for shotgun shells, it may be able to hold other types of shells depending on their size and shape.

Item Specifications

Product NameUniversal Shell Belt, Coyote Brown
CompatibilityAll sizes of shotgun shells (Suggested: 20 and 12-gauge shells)
Shell CapacityHolds 25 shotgun shells
UsageWear around waist
AccessibilityQuick access to ammunition
BucklePositive locking
Price RangeGifts under $20

Universal Shell Belt, Coyote Brown: Convenient and Quick Ammunition Access for Hunters

Introducing the Universal Shell Belt in Coyote Brown - a must-have accessory for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. This convenient waist belt is designed to carry all sizes of shotgun shells, though 20 and 12-gauge shells are recommended. With the capacity to hold 25 shotgun shells, you will always be prepared.

Featuring a positive locking buckle, this shell belt ensures your ammunition stays securely in place, while providing quick and easy access when you need it most. Made by The Outdoor Connection, a trusted name in shotgun accessories, this belt is a practical and durable addition to your hunting gear.

The versatile coyote brown color not only looks great, but also complements a variety of outdoor outfits and gear. Perfect for bird hunting enthusiasts and outdoor connoisseurs, this shell belt makes an excellent gift for the hunter in your life, all for under $20.

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