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  • Universal Super Sling, Black
  • Universal Super Sling, Black
  • Universal Super Sling, Black
  • Universal Super Sling, Black

Universal Super Sling, Black

by The Outdoor Connection Item #: 1262900-90097
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Experience Comfortable and Secure Weapon Carrying
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The Universal Super Sling will easily fit on most shotguns, rifles, and even tactical firearms.

The non-slip heavy-duty neoprene shoulder pad helps reduce fatigue from carrying heavy guns for long periods. Couple this with the naturally positioned thumb loop and walking into and out of your favorite hunting fields will be more comfortable than ever.

The high-quality heavy-duty webbing's slip joint is designed to easily fit around the barrel and buttstock pistol grip of your gun; no metal hardware to scratch your barrel or stock.

Color - Black
  • Select material to withstand harsh hunting environment
  • Non-slip heavy-duty neoprene shoulder pad
  • Reduces fatigue of carrying heavy firearms
  • Universal application - rifle, shotgun, and tactical
  • Integral thumb-loop
  • Easy adjustment slide
  • High quality heavy-duty webbing
  • Simple installation, lip joint for barrel and for butt stock pistol grip

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Universal Super Sling, Black Q&A

What types of firearms is this sling compatible with?
It is compatible with most shotguns, rifles, and tactical firearms.
What material is the shoulder pad made of?
The shoulder pad is made of non-slip heavy-duty neoprene.
How does this sling help reduce fatigue?
The neoprene shoulder pad and integral thumb loop work together to provide comfort and reduce fatigue while carrying heavy firearms.
Is there any metal hardware that could scratch my firearm?
No, the slip joint is designed without any metal hardware to prevent scratching your firearm.
What is the main benefit of the slip joint?
The slip joint allows easy and secure installation around the barrel and buttstock pistol grip.
Can I easily adjust this sling?
Yes, it comes with an easy adjustment slide for a customized fit.
What color is the Universal Gun Sling?
The sling is available in black.
How is the overall durability of this sling?
It is made of select materials designed to withstand harsh hunting environments.
What company manufactures this gun sling?
This sling is manufactured by The Outdoor Connection.
What type of webbing is used in this sling?
The sling uses high-quality and heavy-duty webbing for secure weapon carrying.

Item Specifications

MaterialNon-slip heavy-duty neoprene
Shoulder Pad BenefitReduces fatigue
Firearm CompatibilityRifle, shotgun, and tactical
Additional FeatureIntegral thumb-loop
AdjustmentEasy adjustment slide
Webbing QualityHigh quality heavy-duty
InstallationSimple, lip joint
ApplicationBarrel and butt stock pistol grip
ManufacturerThe Outdoor Connection
Suitable UsageComfortable hunting gear

Non-Slip Black Universal Gun Sling for Shotguns, Rifles, and Tactical Firearms

Carry your weapon with ease and confidence using the Universal Gun Sling in black. Designed to fit most shotguns, rifles, and tactical firearms, this versatile sling ensures comfort and support. Its non-slip heavy-duty neoprene shoulder pad reduces fatigue during long hunting sessions, while the integral thumb loop enhances comfort as you walk in and out of your hunting fields.

The high-quality heavy-duty webbing of this Universal Gun Sling offers secure weapon carrying without damaging your gun. The slip joint is designed to easily fit around the barrel and buttstock pistol grip without adding any metal hardware that could scratch your firearm. This makes for a simple and efficient installation process, so you can quickly get back to focusing on the hunt.

Keep your weapon in prime condition and minimize discomfort during lengthy expeditions with this durable and comfortable Universal Gun Sling. The Outdoor Connection offers superior shotgun accessories with this exceptional addition to your hunting gear.

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