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  • TurtleSkin, DogArmor Dog Hunting Vest
  • TurtleSkin, DogArmor Dog Hunting Vest
  • TurtleSkin, DogArmor Dog Hunting Vest
  • TurtleSkin, DogArmor Dog Hunting Vest
  • TurtleSkin, DogArmor Dog Hunting Vest
  • TurtleSkin, DogArmor Dog Hunting Vest
  • TurtleSkin, DogArmor Dog Hunting Vest
  • TurtleSkin, DogArmor Dog Hunting Vest
  • TurtleSkin, DogArmor Dog Hunting Vest
  • TurtleSkin, DogArmor Dog Hunting Vest

TurtleSkin, DogArmor Dog Hunting Vest

by TurtleSkin SnakeArmor Item #: 1337110-M
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Introducing the lightweight, comfortable and protective TurtleSkin DogArmor Hunting Vest
$220.49 - $232.99$220.49
Finally, a light comfortable dog hunting vest that protects from thorns, briars, sticks, and even snakes!

Upland cover can be brutal on your dog's underside leaving it red and raw after a day of faithful hunting. Protect your dog with the finest dog hunting vest that offers chest and belly protection.

The TurtleSkin SnakeArmor Dog Hunting Vest offers full adjustability to get the best fit for your companion. TurtleSkin SnakeArmor fabric is snag-free and is made of 6 oz. fabric. Flat seams keep the material smooth over the neck, chest, and belly so your dog slides through the underbrush with confidence and comfort. TurtleSkin SnakeArmor uses patented technology that produces the tightest weave ever made with high-strength fibers. Its weave is locked tightly so snake fangs cannot slip past, while TurtleSkin's tough ballistic fibers resist breaking. This results in an extremely protective fabric that is lightweight and flexible.

The TurtleSkin SnakeArmor system was tested with actual, live diamondback rattlesnakes, successfully repelling their strikes and venom! A snakebite directly to your dog's chest can be fatal, so protecting this vital area is critical. Made from the same material as TurtleSkin's most popular lightweight snake gaiter gives this new dog hunting vest durability. Should a snake be lurking in the grass, you can be sure your dog's chest has the added snake protection necessary.

Does Not Include the SnakeArmor Neck

Size Chart

Vest Girth (IN)Vest Girth (CM)
Small19 - 2348.5 - 58.512 - 1430.5 - 35.52
24 - 2861 - 7115 - 1738 - 433
Large29 - 3374 - 8418 - 2046 - 514
X-Large34 - 3886.5 - 96.521 - 2353 - 58.55
2X-Large39 - 4499 - 11224 - 2661 - 666

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TurtleSkin, DogArmor Dog Hunting Vest Q&A

How does the TurtleSkin DogArmor Vest protect from snake bites?
The vest is made of SnakeArmor fabric with a locked and tight weave using high-strength, ballistic fibers which prevents snake fangs from slipping past.
What kind of protection does the vest offer?
It protects from thorns, briars, sticks, and snakes, providing chest and belly protection for your dog during hunts.
Is the TurtleSkin DogArmor Hunting Vest adjustable?
Yes, the vest is fully adjustable for the best fit and comfort for your dog.
How much does the vest weigh?
The SnakeArmor fabric used in the vest weighs only 6 oz.
What is the fabric like on the TurtleSkin DogArmor Vest?
The fabric is snag-free, smooth, lightweight, and flexible.
How were the vests tested for snake protection?
The vests were tested using live diamondback rattlesnakes which successfully repelled their strikes and venom.
Does the vest cover the neck?
No, the vest does not include the SnakeArmor Neck protection.
What technology does the SnakeArmor fabric use?
It uses patented technology with tightly locked high-strength, ballistic fibers to create an extremely protective yet lightweight and flexible fabric.
Can the TurtleSkin DogArmor Vest be used for other outdoor activities?
Yes, the vest can be also used to protect your dog during any outdoor activity in rugged terrain where chest and belly protection is required.
Is the vest durable?
Yes, the vest is made from the same material as the popular lightweight snake gaiter by TurtleSkin, making it highly durable.

Item Specifications

ProductTurtleSkin DogArmor Dog Hunting Vest
ProtectionThorns, briars, sticks, and snakes
Area coverageChest and belly
AdjustabilityFull adjustability for the best fit
MaterialTurtleSkin SnakeArmor fabric, 6 oz. fabric, snag-free, lightweight and flexible
SeamsFlat seams, smooth material placement
Patented technologyTightest weave made with high-strength fibers
TestTested with actual, live diamondback rattlesnakes
SnakeArmor NeckNot included
Alternate names and related productsDog snake vest, hunting dog chest protector, snake armor dog vest, TurtleSkin tummy saver, upland dog vest, turtle skin body armor, turtleskin hunting dog tummy saver, turtleskin snake armor, turtleskin snakearmor dog hunting vest, turtlesking dog chest protector

TurtleSkin DogArmor: Protective & Comfortable Hunting Vest for Your Canine Companion

Introducing the TurtleSkin DogArmor Dog Hunting Vest, designed to provide lightweight and comfortable protection for your dog during hunts in harsh upland terrains. It features chest and belly protection with the finest SnakeArmor fabric, ensuring the utmost safety for your loyal canine companion.

Equip your dog with the unparalleled protection of the TurtleSkin DogArmor Vest, featuring fully adjustable fit to ensure utmost comfort. The high-strength, ballistic fibers in our patented SnakeArmor technology guarantee a tough, durable and snag-free hunting experience for your dog.

Keep your dog safe and secure from snake bites with the TurtleSkin DogArmor Dog Hunting Vest. Tested using live diamondback rattlesnakes, the vest effectively repels venomous strikes, ensuring your dog's safety in snake-infested territories.

Enjoy peace of mind while hunting with your dog, knowing that the TurtleSkin DogArmor Hunting Vest provides comprehensive chest and belly protection. The advanced snake protection technology keeps your pet safe, comfortable and secure as it fearlessly navigates through the underbrush.

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