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The American Classic Whistle by the American Whistle Corporation is the epitome of American craftsmanship and reliability! Proudly made in the USA, this whistle is not just a tool, but a testament to quality and durability.

Loud and Clear: With a sound intensity of approximately 120 decibels, the American Classic Whistle cuts through noise with clarity. Whether you are in the thick of bird hunting or training your dog in the field, this whistle's ear-piercing blast ensures you're heard loud and clear, every time.

Robust Construction: Crafted from solid brass, this whistle is built to last. It's triple-plated with your choice of nickel or brass, ensuring a robust finish that resists wear and tear. Polished to a bright shine, its aesthetic is as striking as its performance.

Versatile and Ready: Each whistle comes with a convenient split ring, making it ready to attach to any lanyard. This feature is perfect for trainers, hunters, sports coaches, and safety personnel who need quick and easy access to their whistle.

Stylish Plating Options: Choose from Nickel-Plated Brass or Brass-Plated Brass to match your style or specific needs. Each option provides a sleek look while enhancing the whistle's durability.

Perfect for Outdoor Use: Ideal for bird hunters and dog trainers, the American Classic Whistle stands out in any outdoor setting. Its powerful sound can penetrate windy conditions and vast open spaces, ensuring your commands are heard.

Make the American Classic Whistle your go-to tool for effective communication in any situation. Experience the unmatched quality of an American-made product that combines performance with style. Order yours today and step up your game in the great outdoors!
  • Solid brass whistle, triple plated in either nickel or brass
  • Water-resistant cork ball

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American Classic Whistle Q&A

How loud is the American Classic Whistle?
The American Classic Whistle is quite loud, reaching up to 120 decibels.
What is the whistle made of?
The whistle is made of solid brass and plated in either nickel or brass.
Is the whistle suitable for dog training and bird hunting?
Yes, the whistle is ideal for both dog training and bird hunting scenarios.
What is the finish of the whistle?
The whistle has a polished, bright finish.
Where is the American Classic Whistle made?
The American Classic Whistle is made in the United States.
Does the whistle include a way to attach it to a lanyard?
Yes, the whistle comes with a split ring for easy attachment to a lanyard.
Are there different variations of the American Classic Whistle?
Yes, the whistle is available with either a nickel or brass plating.
Is the cork ball inside the whistle water-resistant?
Yes, the whistle features a water-resistant cork ball.
Who can benefit from using the American Classic Whistle?
Anyone involved in bird hunting or dog training can benefit from this powerful and durable whistle.
What makes the American Classic Whistle stand out from other whistles?
Its superior volume, durability, and made in America quality set it apart from other whistles on the market.

Item Specifications

Made in AmericaThe whistle is manufactured locally in the United States
LoudnessRated at approximately 120 decibels
ConstructionMade of solid brass, triple plated in nickel or brass
FinishPolished to a bright finish
Included attachmentComes with a split ring for attaching to a lanyard
Ideal conditionsSuitable for bird hunting or dog training
Water-resistant cork ballThe whistle contains a water-resistant cork ball

American Classic Whistle - The Ultimate Durable Bird Hunting and Dog Training Tool

Discover the power and durability of the American Classic Whistle, made exclusively in the United States. This whistle has been praised for its ear-piercing volume, reaching up to 120 decibels, ensuring that it will carry through even the harshest bird hunting and dog training conditions.

Constructed of solid brass and triple plated in either nickel or brass, the American Classic Whistle is designed for longevity and performance. Its polished, bright finish adds an elegant touch, making it a great addition to any hunting or training gear collection.

Ready to use straight out of the box, each American Classic Whistle comes equipped with a split ring, making it hassle-free to attach to your preferred lanyard.

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