• Dokken, Scent Wax

Dokken, Scent Wax

by Dokken Dog Supply, Inc. Item #: 1251010-M
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Train Your Bird Dog like a Pro with Dokken Scent Wax
These Dokken Scents are great for training your bird dog to scent an object like a bumper or dummy on the ground. They also work well for teaching your dog to trail scent.

Easy to use - liberally apply the concentrated scent of the game species you are trying to imitate to a clean, dry dummy. The scent will not wash off when used in water and will not dry up.

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Dokken, Scent Wax Q&A

Is Dokken Scent Wax suitable for water-based training?
Yes, it is water-resistant and will not wash away.
Can I use Dokken Scent Wax for different game species simulation?
Yes, it is available for dove, grouse, pheasant, quail, and waterfowl scents.
How do I apply the scent on a dummy?
Liberally apply the concentrated scent to a clean, dry dummy.
Will the scent dry up quickly?
No, the scent is formulated to be durable and long-lasting.
Can Dokken Scent Wax improve my dog's retrieving skills?
Yes, it enhances their ability to locate and retrieve dummies during training.
Is it easy to use Dokken Scent Wax in training exercises?
Yes, simply apply the scent to a dummy and begin your training session.
What kind of dog training exercises can I use Dokken Scent Wax for?
It's perfect for trailing scent exercises and dummy retrieving practice.
Does Dokken Scent Wax work well for training inexperienced bird dogs?
Yes, it's ideal for enhancing training progress and teaching scent identification.
Can I use Dokken Scent Wax on multiple dummies?
Yes, apply it liberally to any clean, dry dummy for effective training.
Is Dokken Scent Wax used by professional trainers?
Yes, many professional bird dog trainers use it for effective training sessions.

Item Specifications

Dokken ScentsConcentrated scents to mimic game species for bird dog training
UsageApplied to a clean, dry dummy or bumper for training and scent trailing
DurabilityWill not wash off in water or dry up
Game Species ImitatedDove, Grouse, Pheasant, Quail, Waterfowl
Available TypesDokken Dove Scent Wax, Dokken Grouse Scent Wax, Dokken Pheasant Scent Wax, Dokken Quail Scent Wax, Dokken Waterfowl Scent Wax
Relevant CategoriesBird Dog Training Supplies, Dog Training Accessories, Dog Training Supplies, Hunting Dog Training Scents

Master Bird Dog Training with Dokken Scent Wax

Dokken Scent Wax is an essential tool for bird dog training enthusiasts looking to refine their dog's skills in tracking, trailing, and retrieving. With Dokken Scent Wax, you can train your hunting companion to pick up the scent of various game species easily and effectively, leading to a successful hunt.

Looking to challenge your bird dog with more realistic training scenarios? Dokken Scent Wax makes it possible by simulating the concentrated scent of different game species. Train your dog to trail scents on the ground or in water without worrying about the scent washing away or drying up.

Maximize your dog training sessions with Dokken Scent Wax! Enhance your dog's ability to locate and retrieve dummies while replicating real-life hunting situations. Ideal for dove, grouse, pheasant, quail, and waterfowl scent simulations.