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  • Pholster, 2 Pack
  • Pholster, 2 Pack
  • Pholster, 2 Pack
  • Pholster, 2 Pack
  • Pholster, 2 Pack
  • Pholster, 2 Pack

Pholster, 2 Pack

by Carson Item #: 1167200-M
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Easily Carry Game Birds and Training Dummies with a Pholster
Compare at: $14.95
The Pholster 2 Pack is a versatile and practical accessory for every game bird hunter and gun dog trainer. Designed to seamlessly clip onto your belt, the Pholster is a game-changer in how you can easily carry pheasants, chukar, prairie chicken, and other same-sized game birds. This dead bird belt clip carrier sets itself apart by also being an efficient training dummy carrier, making it an essential tool for those rigorous training sessions with your gun dog.

Unlike other carriers, the Pholster's unique design leaves both of your hands free, enhancing not only convenience but also safety during retrieving work. This feature turns it from a simple pheasant carrier into a multifaceted tool, enriching your hunting and training experience.

The Pholster 2 Pack is a perfect addition to your warm-weather hunting gear. Its lightweight design ensures you stay agile, ready for action without any extra weight bogging you down.

For those seeking cost-efficiency, the Pholster 2 Pack is a smart choice. This pack includes two Pholsters, making it a more economical option.

Whether you're a seasoned hunter or a passionate trainer, the Pholster 2 Pack is a must-have accessory that combines functionality, convenience, and style in one package. Get your Pholster 2 Pack today and experience a game-changing difference in your hunting and training pursuits.

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Pholster, 2 Pack Q&A

What game bird species can the Pholster hold?
The Pholster is designed to hold pheasants, chukar, prairie chicken, or any other same-sized game bird species.
Can Pholster be used for both hunting and training?
Yes, the Pholster is ideal for both hunting and gun dog training situations.
Is the Pholster suitable for warm weather hunting?
Absolutely, Pholster is a great addition for warm weather hunting.
How does the Pholster allow hands-free carrying of game birds and training dummies?
Pholster easily clips to your belt, ensuring hands-free carrying while hunting or training.
Can Pholster be used with my retriever's training dummies?
Yes, Pholster is excellent for holding extra training dummies during gun dog training sessions.
What other carrier options does Pholster offer besides game birds?
In addition to game birds, Pholster can hold avery dummy carriers, dead bird belt clip carriers, and dokken dummy carriers.
Is the Pholster easy to attach and detach?
Yes, Pholster effortlessly clips to and detaches from your belt.
What is the Pholster made of?
Pholster is made of durable material that ensures secure and reliable transportation of game birds and training dummies.
How many Pholsters come in a pack?
There are two Pholsters in a pack, providing value and convenience.
Why should I choose Pholster for my hunting and training needs?
Pholster is a versatile, efficient, and convenient solution for hands-free game bird transportation and gun dog training needs.

Item Specifications

ProductPholster, 2 Pack
FunctionBelt clip for holding game birds or training dummies
Compatible Game BirdsPheasants, chukar, prairie chicken
Usage ScenarioRetrieving work, gun dog training, warm weather hunting
Additional NamesCarson avery dummy carrier, dead bird belt clip carrier, dokken dummy carrier, game bird carrier, pheasant belt clip carrier, pheasant carrier, retriever dummy carrier, training dummy carrier, carson, pholster, retrieving dummy carrier
Related EquipmentGun dog training, bird handling equipment

Pholster 2 Pack - Your Solution to Hands-Free Game Bird Transportation

Introducing the Pholster 2 Pack, a convenient and smart solution for transporting game birds and training dummies while on the go. Whether hunting or working with your gun dog, Pholster makes carrying birds easy and hassle-free.

Pholster clips effortlessly to your belt, allowing you to have both hands free for hunting, training, or retrieving. Designed specifically for pheasants, chukar, and prairie chicken, the Pholster is practical and allows for efficient bird transportation in various situations.

Not just for game birds, Pholster is perfect for holding extra training dummies during gun dog sessions. Make the most out of your training and field experiences with this reliable and versatile carrier.

The Pholster is an excellent addition when warm weather hunting, providing a comfortable and accessible method to transport game birds. Invest in the best gear for your hunting and gun dog training by choosing the Pholster 2 Pack.

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