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  • GizzMoVest, GPS Case, Garmin Astro 320/430
  • GizzMoVest, GPS Case, Garmin Astro 320/430
  • GizzMoVest, GPS Case, Garmin Astro 320/430
  • GizzMoVest, GPS Case, Garmin Astro 320/430
  • GizzMoVest, GPS Case, Garmin Astro 320/430
  • GizzMoVest, GPS Case, Garmin Astro 320/430

GizzMoVest, GPS Case, Garmin Astro 320/430

by GizzMoVest Item #: 1335100-M
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Protect Your GPS Device with GizzMoVest Case
$31.95 - $39.95$31.95
Experience the peace of mind that comes with the GizzMoVest GPS Case for Garmin Astro 320/430. Designed specifically for hard-core hunting and adventurous outdoor activities, this case offers exceptional protection for your valuable GPS device.

Crafted from a highly durable textural composite, the GizzMoVest case is engineered to withstand intense use while providing a comfortable, secure grip. The recessed screen design offers superior protection for your device, ensuring it remains safe and functional in the most demanding conditions.

The GizzMoVest Garmin Astro 320 / 430 case is designed for convenience, featuring a sturdy, removable belt clip and an adjustable wrist lanyard with a safety clip. This ensures your device stays exactly where you want it, making it easily accessible when you need it the most. The case also allows you to switch your device on and off without having to remove it from the case.

Proudly made in the USA, the GizzMoVest GPS Case comes with an impressive 3-year manufacturer's warranty on materials and workmanship. It's important to note that this case is specifically designed for the Garmin Astro 320 / 430 and is not compatible with the Garmin Astro 220.

You can also add a personal touch to your GizzMoVest case with color options like Coffee and Orange. Step up your hunting and outdoor adventures with superior protection, improved grip, and enhanced functionality that only the GizzMoVest GPS Case can provide.

  • Extremely Tough Textured Composite (not silicone) provides a tactile grip
  • Recesses the screen deeply for optimum screen protection when it counts - while in use
  • Very high-grade materials. Fully washable (Open air Dry)
  • Removable strong metal Belt Clip is also compatible with the GizzMoVest RAM Mount Adapter
  • Includes adjustable Wrist Lanyard and Safety Clip
  • Use 'in-the-case' as opposed to removing from a carry case
  • Activate Power Button thru-the-Case without opening. Access Battery Pack in just seconds!
  • A grippy, nearly indestructible Case, yet lightweight - 3 oz
  • MANUFACTURED IN THE USA by GizzMoVest LLC backed by and a 3-Yr Warranty on defects in materials or workmanship

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GizzMoVest, GPS Case, Garmin Astro 320/430 Q&A

What materials are used in the GizzMoVest case?
A durable textured composite is used for a grippy, tough construction.
Is the GizzMoVest case washable?
Yes, it is fully washable and can be air dried after washing.
What devices does the GizzMoVest case fit?
The case is designed specifically for the Garmin Astro 320 and 430 GPS devices.
Is there a belt clip on the GizzMoVest case?
Yes, there's a removable strong metal belt clip included for added convenience.
What is the weight of the GizzMoVest case?
The case is lightweight, weighing only 3 oz.
Can I access the battery pack without removing the case?
Yes, you can access the battery pack in just seconds through the case.
Where is the GizzMoVest case manufactured?
The case is manufactured in the USA by GizzMoVest LLC.
Does the GizzMoVest case come with a warranty?
Yes, it is backed by a 3-year manufacturer's warranty on materials and workmanship.
How can I carry the GPS device with the GizzMoVest case?
You can attach the removable metal belt clip or use the adjustable wrist lanyard with a safety clip.
Can I use the GPS device without removing it from the case?
Yes, the case allows you to use your GPS device without having to remove it.

Item Specifications

Product NameGizzMoVest GPS Case
CompatibilityGarmin Astro 320/430 (Not compatible with Garmin Astro 220)
MaterialExtremely tough textured composite (not silicone)
Tactile GripYes
Screen ProtectionRecessed screen offers optimum protection
WashableYes, fully washable (Open air dry)
Belt ClipRemovable strong metal belt clip (Compatible with GizzMoVest RAM Mount Adapter)
Included AccessoriesAdjustable wrist lanyard with safety clip
In-case OperationUse 'in-the-case', activate power button through the case without opening
Battery Pack AccessAccess battery pack in just seconds
DurabilityGrippy, nearly indestructible case yet lightweight (3 oz)
Manufacturing LocationMade in the USA
Manufacturer's Warranty3-year warranty on defects in materials and workmanship (By GizzMoVest LLC)

GizzMoVest - Heavy-duty Case for Garmin Astro 320/430 GPS Devices

The GizzMoVest Garmin Astro 320/430 case is a heavy-duty, rugged solution made specifically for those who enjoy hunting or spending extended periods of time outdoors. Its durable textured composite material provides exceptional grip and protection while still allowing for easy access to the handheld device's buttons and battery pack.

With the recessed screen design and fully washable materials, this GizzMoVest case is perfect for individuals who don't want to worry about dirt or damage. The removable metal belt clip and included wrist lanyard with safety clip keep your GPS device secure and within reach during your adventures.

Manufactured in the USA and backed by a 3-year warranty on materials and workmanship, the GizzMoVest GPS case demonstrates our commitment to providing you with a high-quality product that keeps your Garmin Astro 320 or 430 safe and functional during your outdoor activities.

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