• Bob Allen, High Prairie Hunting Shirt, Long Sleeve, Green/Tan

Bob Allen, High Prairie Hunting Shirt, Long Sleeve, Green/Tan

by Bob Allen Item #: 1262528-M
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Look stylish on your next hunting trip with Bob Allen's High Prairie Hunting Shirt
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This great quality Bob Allen High Prairie Hunting Shirt comes with long sleeves and is made of 100% cotton for great comfort. Classic hunter green in color, it has a tan accent shooting pad and reinforced forearms.

A button-down collar makes this hunting shirt not only comfortable but great looking to boot.
  • 100% Cotton
  • Reinforced forearms
  • Reinforced shooting pad
  • Button down collar
  • Right-handed

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Bob Allen, High Prairie Hunting Shirt, Long Sleeve, Green/Tan Q&A

What material is this hunting shirt made of?
The shirt is made of 100% cotton for great comfort.
Which colors are available for this shirt?
The shirt comes in a classic hunter green color with a tan accent shooting pad.
Is this shirt only for right-handed individuals?
Yes, this shirt is designed specifically for right-handed wearers.
What is the purpose of the reinforced shooting pad?
The reinforced shooting pad provides extra durability and essential support during hunting activities.
What is the style of collar?
The shirt has a button-down collar.
How are the shirt's forearms constructed?
The shirt features reinforced forearms for added strength and durability.
What is the fit of the shirt?
The High Prairie Hunting Shirt is designed for men and has a regular fit.
Is this shirt suitable for duck hunting?
Yes, this shirt is excellent for duck hunting and other similar activities.
What size are the sleeves?
The sleeves are long, providing extra coverage and protection.
What is the primary color of the shirt?
The primary color of the shirt is hunter green with tan accents.

Item Specifications

BrandBob Allen
Product nameHigh Prairie Hunting Shirt
Sleeve typeLong Sleeve
Material100% Cotton
ReinforcementsForearms and Shooting pad
Collar typeButton-down
User typeRight-handed
Design featuresClassic hunter green, tan accent
Available forMen
Additional product variationsLong sleeve, green/tan

Upgrade Your Hunting Style with Bob Allen's High Prairie Hunting Shirt, Green/Tan

Experience the ultimate blend of comfort and style with this Bob Allen High Prairie Hunting Shirt. Crafted with 100% cotton material and featuring long sleeves, this hunter green and tan shirt is perfect for your next hunting excursion. The reinforced shooting pad and forearms ensure durability for long-lasting wear.

Designed with the outdoorsman in mind, this button-down collar hunting shirt is not just comfortable but also great-looking. The hunter green color and tan accent shooting pad create a classic combination that will have you looking stylish on your hunting trips.

Bob Allen's commitment to quality ensures that this High Prairie Hunting Shirt will stand the test of time. The reinforced forearms and shooting pad allow for extra durability while the 100% cotton material provides maximum comfort.