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  • Garmin, Tempe, Wireless Temperature Sensor

Garmin, Tempe, Wireless Temperature Sensor

by Garmin Item #: 1129220-99312
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Monitor Kennel Temperature with Ease
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Garmin International presents the Garmin Tempe Wireless Temperature Sensor, a compact and efficient accessory for all your kennel monitoring needs.

This versatile wireless temperature sensor allows you to effortlessly monitor the temperature of your dog's kennel in real-time, ensuring optimal comfort for your pet, especially when traveling. Compatible with Garmin Astro and Alpha GPS devices, the Tempe provides accurate ambient air temperature readings within an effective range of approximately 9.8 feet, making it ideal for use in kennels located in the back of SUVs or trucks.

Powered by a long-lasting battery that can run for up to a year, the Garmin Tempe operates within a broad temperature range, from as low as -4F degrees to as high as 140F degrees. This wide range ensures that the device will function reliably in various environments, providing peace of mind to pet owners.

In addition to its robust performance and functionality, the Tempe also boasts a water-resistant feature. With a resistance of up to 32.9 feet, this small wireless temperature sensor can withstand accidental splashes or exposure to rain, further enhancing its durability and usability.

Experience the convenience and reliability of the Garmin Tempe Wireless Temperature Sensor, designed to provide you with accurate, real-time temperature readings, helping you maintain the perfect environment for your pet. Easy to use and easy to set up, this bluetooth temperature sensor is a must-have addition to your pet care tools. Its unique selling point lies in its seamless integration with your Garmin GPS devices, high precision readings, and robust design that can withstand different weather conditions. Trust Garmin, a globally recognized name in navigation and wireless devices, for the best in pet care technology.


*Garmin Alpha
*Garmin Astro

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Garmin, Tempe, Wireless Temperature Sensor Q&A

What devices is the Garmin Tempe compatible with?
It is compatible with Garmin Alpha and Astro GPS devices.
What is the communication range of the Garmin Tempe sensor?
The sensor has an effective range of up to 9.8 feet.
How long does the Garmin Tempe's battery last?
The sensor's battery has a life of approximately one year.
What is the operating temperature range for the Garmin Tempe?
Its operating temperature range is from -4F degrees to 140F degrees.
Is the Garmin Tempe water-resistant?
Yes, it is water-resistant up to 32.9 feet.
What does the Garmin Tempe measure?
It measures and monitors real-time ambient air temperature.
Can the Garmin Tempe be used to monitor my dog's kennel temperature?
Yes, it is an ideal solution for monitoring your dog's kennel temperature while traveling.
What is the size of the Garmin Tempe?
It is a small and compact wireless temperature sensor.
How does the Garmin Tempe communicate with compatible devices?
It communicates wirelessly with Garmin Astro and Alpha GPS devices.
What are some benefits of using the Garmin Tempe?
It helps ensure the comfort, safety, and well-being of your pet by monitoring kennel temperature in real-time.

Item Specifications

ModelTempe Wireless Temperature Sensor
CompatibilityGarmin Alpha, Garmin Astro
Communication RangeUp to 9.8 feet
Battery LifeApproximately 1 year
Operating Temperature RangeFrom -4F degrees to 140F degrees
Water ResistanceUp to 32.9 feet
Sensor TypeWireless, Ambient air temperature sensor, Bluetooth
ApplicationMonitoring kennel temperature in back of SUVs or trucks

Easily Monitor Kennel Temperature with the Garmin Tempe Wireless Sensor

The Garmin Tempe is a compact and efficient solution to track ambient air temperature, ensuring the comfort of your dog's kennel while traveling. This reliable wireless temperature sensor is designed to seamlessly pair with compatible Garmin devices like the Astro and Alpha GPS systems, providing real-time temperature monitoring.

With an effective communication range of up to 9.8 feet, the Garmin Tempe is ideal for use in kennels positioned in the back of SUVs or trucks. Its rugged design guarantees durability, featuring water resistance up to 32.9 feet and an operating temperature range of -4F degrees to 140F degrees. Moreover, the sensor's battery boasts a remarkable life of approximately one year.

Compatible with the Garmin Alpha and Astro GPS devices, the Garmin Tempe is the ultimate accessory to maintain a comfortable environment in your dog's kennel. Its precise real-time temperature monitoring ensures the well-being of your pet, making it a must-have addition to your travel gear.

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