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  • Nylon Dog Collar, Standard, 1" Wide, Realtree APC Pink Camo

Nylon Dog Collar, Standard, 1" Wide, Realtree APC Pink Camo

by Leather Brothers Item #: 1031060-M
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Upgrade to a Stylish Pink Camo Collar
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Pink camo is all the rage and this Nylon Dog Collar features a Realtree APC pink camo pattern. Express your and your dog's personality and style with this pink camouflage heavy-duty 2-ply nylon collar that sports durable black hardware that looks fantastic combined with the pink camo. Looks great in the field as well as around town.

We add a FREE Personalized Solid Brass Nameplate and complimentary machine-stamped solid brass rivets. If you happen to be looking for something a bit different you may consider our stainless steel nameplate which we attach with complimentary machine-stamped nickel-plated steel rivets.


We measure our collars from the end of the buckle to the middle of 5 holes NOT the entire length of the collar, so when we say that a collar has a NECK SIZE of 15" long this length is the distance between the buckle and the middle hole. Ultimately this measurement is based on your dog's Neck Size.

With that in mind, the best way to get a collar that fits properly is to put a string around your dog's neck where the collar will lay, and where it meets, cut it off and measure it. If you have a tailor's tape, you can do the same measurement and read the tape where it meets. That is the figure we will need to send you a collar that fits your dog correctly.
  • Pink camouflage from Realtree
  • 1" Wide durable, 2-ply nylon webbing
  • Sturdy black buckle and D-ring

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Nylon Dog Collar, Standard, 1" Wide, Realtree APC Pink Camo Q&A

What material is the collar made of?
The collar is made of durable, 2-ply nylon webbing.
What is the width of the dog collar?
The collar is 1 inch wide.
What are the benefits of the brass nameplate and rivets?
The brass nameplate and rivets provide added personalization and luxury.
How do I ensure a perfect fit for my dog's collar?
Measure your dog's neck and follow the provided sizing guide.
What type of buckle does the collar have?
The collar features a sturdy black buckle.
Can this collar be used both indoors and outdoors?
Yes, the collar is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
What is the collar's color pattern?
The collar features a Realtree APC pink camouflage pattern.
Does the collar have a D-ring for leash attachment?
Yes, the collar includes a sturdy black D-ring.
What is the main selling point of this collar?
The collar combines style and durability, featuring the popular Realtree APC pink camo pattern.
Does the collar come in different color options?
This specific collar features a pink camouflage pattern from Realtree.

Item Specifications

DesignRealtree APC Pink Camo
Width1" Wide
HardwareDurable black buckle and D-ring
PersonalizationFREE Personalized Solid Brass Nameplate and rivets
Alternate NameplateStainless steel nameplate with nickel-plated rivets
Collar Sizing (Neck Size)Measured from buckle to the middle of 5 holes

Durable and Stylish Realtree APC Pink Camo Nylon Dog Collar

Introducing the heavy-duty Realtree APC pink camo nylon dog collar, designed to bring both style and durability to your dog's daily wear. Featuring a 2-ply nylon webbing and a sturdy black buckle, this wide collar provides a touch of ruggedness in a fashionable pink camouflage pattern.

Show off your dog's unique personality with this high-quality hunting dog collar that is perfect for both outdoor adventures and city strolls. The collar includes a free personalized solid brass nameplate and complimentary machine-stamped rivets to bring an added layer of customization and luxury to your dog's new wardrobe staple.

Unlike traditional dog collars, the Realtree APC pink camo collar is measured according to your dog's neck size, ensuring a perfect fit that remains comfortable and secure. Follow the provided measuring guide to obtain the correct collar size.

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