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  • Heavy Duty Catching Net
  • Heavy Duty Catching Net
  • Heavy Duty Catching Net
  • Heavy Duty Catching Net

Heavy Duty Catching Net

by Kuhl Item #: 1298040-M
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Catch Game Birds Easily and Effectively
$89.95 - $94.95$89.95
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The Heavy Duty Catching Net - the bird catcher net designed for easy and effective game bird capture! This versatile catching net is perfect for a variety of game birds, including quail, chukar, pheasants, and more, as well as training pigeons. Whether you're a seasoned hunter or an avid bird enthusiast, this catching net is a must-have addition to your bird-handling equipment.

Constructed with durability and precision in mind, the Heavy Duty Catching Net features a high-quality 39" wooden handle, complete with adapters, for easy maneuvering and control. The sturdy rubber grip ensures optimal accuracy when catching birds, making your experience more efficient.

Choose between net size options of 36" deep or 44" deep to accommodate the specific needs and preferences of your bird-catching endeavors. No matter the size of your target, this net is designed to get the job done with ease.
  • Heavy-duty wooden handle
  • Extruded aluminum connecting block
  • Reinforced aluminum net frame
  • Durable rubber grip
  • Heavy-duty wooden handle and adapters are 39” in length

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Heavy Duty Catching Net Q&A

What sizes of game birds can this net be used for?
The net is suitable for various game bird sizes such as quail, chukar, pheasants, etc.
How long is the wooden handle?
The wooden handle and adapters are 39 inches in length.
What material is the grip made of?
The grip is made of durable rubber.
What are the available net depth options?
Choose between 36 inches or 44 inches net depth.
What is the primary use of the Heavy Duty Game Bird Catching Net?
It is used to catch game birds for transportation, hunting dog training, or maintenance.
What materials are used for the net frame?
The net frame is made of reinforced aluminum.
What is the function of the extruded aluminum connecting block?
It provides greater durability and stability for the net structure.
How does this net aid in hunting dog training?
It enables the efficient catching and handling of game birds during training sessions.
What is the main advantage of the Heavy Duty Game Bird Catching Net?
The net is designed for easy use, precision, and effectiveness in catching game birds of various sizes.
Is it suitable for training pigeons?
Yes, it can also be used for training pigeons.

Item Specifications

ProductHeavy Duty Catching Net
PurposeCatching game birds
Net depth options36" or 44"
Handle length39"
Handle materialWooden
Grip materialDurable rubber
Connecting block materialExtruded aluminum
Net frame materialReinforced aluminum
Suitable bird sizesQuail, chukar, pheasants, pigeons
Suitable usesHunting dog training, gun dog training, and game bird handling

Efficient and Durable Heavy Duty Game Bird Catching Net

Experience ease in catching game birds with our Heavy Duty Game Bird Catching Net designed specifically for capturing birds of varying sizes such as quail, chukar, pheasants, and more. The net offers a sturdy and reliable wooden handle with a durable rubber grip that ensures optimal control and precision.

Choose between a 36" or 44" net depth to suit your specific requirements. This heavy-duty catching net features an extruded aluminum connecting block and a reinforced aluminum net frame for increased durability and an extended lifespan.

Enhance your hunting and gun dog training with this essential piece of equipment. The Heavy Duty Game Bird Catching Net is suitable for a range of applications, including bird transportation, hunting dog training, and game bird or poultry maintenance.

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