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  • Wetmutt, Kennel Mat, 34" X 22"
  • Wetmutt, Kennel Mat, 34" X 22"
  • Wetmutt, Kennel Mat, 34" X 22"
  • Wetmutt, Kennel Mat, 34" X 22"
  • Wetmutt, Kennel Mat, 34" X 22"
  • Wetmutt, Kennel Mat, 34" X 22"
  • Wetmutt, Kennel Mat, 34" X 22"
  • Wetmutt, Kennel Mat, 34" X 22"

Wetmutt, Kennel Mat, 34" X 22"

by Wetmutt Item #: 1328200-M
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Upgrade Your Dog's Kennel Experience
The Wetmutt Kennel Mat is just what a good dog needs to keep them comfortable while they're in their kennel.

Whether traveling or at home, this mat is what your dog needs to be their best. It is shock-absorbing so your dog will always have a soft ride. Waterproof and odor-resistant so feel free to load your wet dog into their kennel after a great day on the water.

The Wemutt Kennel Mat is lightweight so it can be easily moved from kennel to kennel.

.75" Thick!

  • Waterproof
  • Odor-resistant
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Anti-Fungal
  • Lightweight
  • Shock-Absorbing
  • Easy to Clean

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Wetmutt, Kennel Mat, 34" X 22" Q&A

Is the Wetmutt Kennel Mat waterproof?
Yes, the Wetmutt Kennel Mat is waterproof.
What are the dimensions of the mat?
The mat measures 34 inches by 22 inches.
Is the mat chew-proof?
No, the Wetmutt Kennel Mat is not chew-proof.
How thick is the Kennel Mat?
The mat is .75 inches thick.
Does the mat have anti-microbial properties?
Yes, the Wetmutt Kennel Mat is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal.
Is the Wetmutt Kennel Mat easy to clean?
Yes, the mat is easy to clean.
Can the mat be used for traveling?
Yes, the lightweight design makes it suitable for traveling.
Is the Wetmutt Kennel Mat odor-resistant?
Yes, the mat is odor-resistant.
What makes the kennel mat comfortable for dogs?
The mat's shock-absorbing feature provides maximum comfort for dogs.
Can the Wetmutt Kennel Mat be moved between kennels easily?
Yes, its lightweight design allows for easy movement between kennels.

Item Specifications

Product NameKennel Mat
Size34" x 22"
Easy to CleanYes
Chew ProofNo
Suitable LocationsTraveling or at home

Wetmutt Kennel Mat: The Ultimate Dog Comfort Solution

Introducing the Wetmutt Kennel Mat - a must-have for ensuring your dog's comfort while in their kennel. Perfect for use during travel or at home, this lightweight and easy-to-clean mat provides optimal support for your pet.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable crate surfaces with the Wetmutt Kennel Mat. Its shock-absorbing and waterproof design allows for easy cleaning and keeps your dog comfortable after a day in the water. Odor-resistant and made with antimicrobial material, it's the perfect investment for a happy, healthy pet.

Enhance your dog's kennel experience with our Wetmutt Kennel Mat. Designed to be lightweight, shock-absorbing, and easy to clean, this mat provides the ultimate comfort for your pet while offering hassle-free maintenance for you.

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