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  • Mendota, Leather Jaeger Dog Lead, 3/4" X 8'
  • Mendota, Leather Jaeger Dog Lead, 3/4" X 8'
  • Mendota, Leather Jaeger Dog Lead, 3/4" X 8'
  • Mendota, Leather Jaeger Dog Lead, 3/4" X 8'

Mendota, Leather Jaeger Dog Lead, 3/4" X 8'

by Mendota Pet Item #: 904023-10796
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Walk Your Hunting Dog Hands-Free
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The Mendota Leather Jaeger Dog Lead, is a top-quality, versatile tool for all dog owners, especially those with hunting dogs. Measuring in at a generous 3/4" wide by 8' long, this lead is the optimal length for walking your hunting dog hands-free, providing you convenience and comfort while maintaining control.

Uniquely crafted from high-grade bridle leather, the Jaeger Lead stands out for its durability and strength. It's a reliable companion for your outdoor adventures, withstanding any weather or terrain. Its impeccable design is not just about aesthetics but also functionality.

What sets the Mendota Leather Jaeger Lead apart from other dog leads in the market is its hardware. Featuring all brass components, including a brass snap on each end, three D-Rings, and a floating O-Ring, this lead offers infinite adjustment possibilities. This makes it ideal for walking two dogs on a single lead, or even tying your dog to a tree or fence post.

Whether you're using it as a hands-free dog lead, a cross-body dog leash, or an over-the-shoulder leash, the Mendota Leather Jaeger Dog Lead provides maximum flexibility and control. This ensures your dog's safety while giving you some much-needed freedom.

As a product of Mendota, a brand known for its commitment to quality, you can trust that this Leather Jaeger Dog Lead is designed with your needs and your pet's comfort in mind. Choose Mendota Leashes for a hands-free, easy, and enjoyable dog-walking experience.
  • Top quality chestnut leather
  • Solid brass hardware
  • Hardware stitched and riveted
  • Floating O-ring
  • Accent stitching
  • Approximately 8' long

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Mendota, Leather Jaeger Dog Lead, 3/4" X 8' Q&A

What materials are used in the Mendota Leather Jaeger Lead?
Top-quality bridle leather and solid brass hardware.
What is the length of this Jaeger Lead?
It is 8 feet long.
Can I walk two dogs on a single lead with the Mendota Leather Jaeger Lead?
Yes, it allows for walking two dogs on a single lead.
What are the adjustment possibilities?
Infinite adjustment possibilities with brass snaps, 3 D-Rings, and a floating O-Ring.
Is the hardware stitched and riveted?
Yes, the hardware is stitched and riveted for added durability.
Can I tie out my dog with this lead?
Yes, you can tie out your dog to a tree or fence post using this lead.
What is the color of this Mendota Leather Jaeger Lead?
It has a chestnut color.
Is this Jaeger Lead suitable for hiking?
Yes, it is great for hiking with your dog.
What are the benefits of using a hands-free lead?
Hands-free leads allow for more convenience and control while walking your dog.
What kind of stitching does this lead feature?
It has accent stitching for added style.

Item Specifications

ProductLeather Jaeger Dog Lead
Dimensions3/4" wide x 8' long
MaterialTop-quality bridle leather
HardwareSolid brass
StitchingAccent stitching
Rings3 D-Rings and a floating O-Ring
FunctionalityHands-free walking
Additional UsesWalking two dogs, tying out dog
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Hands-Free Hunting Dog Walking with Mendota Leather Jaeger Lead

Experience the convenience of walking your hunting dog hands-free with the beautifully crafted Mendota Leather Jaeger Lead. Constructed from top-quality bridle leather, it provides excellent durability and functionality.

This 8-foot-long Jaeger Lead offers infinite adjustment possibilities with its brass hardware, including snaps on each end, 3 D-Rings, and a floating O-Ring. Enjoy the versatility of walking two dogs on a single lead, or tying out your dog for some free time.

Elevate your dog walking experience with the Mendota Leather Jaeger Lead's hands-free design. Its cross-body functionality and over-the-shoulder option make it ideal for hikers and hunters alike.

Constructed with chestnut leather and accent stitching, this Mendota Leather Jaeger Lead combines style and practicality to enhance your daily dog walking routines. Trust in the Mendota brand for quality and durability.

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