• Heavy Duty Round Pail, Stainless Steel

Heavy Duty Round Pail, Stainless Steel

Item #: 1332300-M
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$14.95 - $39.95$14.95
These Stainless Steel Pails are excellent for watering dogs in their kennels, during extended training sessions in the field, or while hunting.

They are the absolute best pails we've found because they have no seams that can separate and the rotating handles are hidden where they meet the pail, they are not looped and exposed. Looped and exposed handles have been known to catch on a dog's collar in kennel situations.

Size Chart

Height (IN)Width at Top (IN)
2 Quart5 1/26 1/2
4 Quart77 1/2
6 Quart88 1/2
9 Quart9 1/410

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