• Heavy Duty Round Pail, Stainless Steel

Heavy Duty Round Pail, Stainless Steel

Item #: 1332300-M
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Water Your Dog with Durable Stainless Steel Pail
$14.95 - $39.95$14.95
These Stainless Steel Pails are excellent for watering dogs in their kennels, during extended training sessions in the field, or while hunting.

They are the absolute best pails we've found because they have no seams that can separate and the rotating handles are hidden where they meet the pail, they are not looped and exposed. Looped and exposed handles have been known to catch on a dog's collar in kennel situations.

Size Chart

Height (IN)Width at Top (IN)
2 Quart5 1/26 1/2
4 Quart77 1/2
6 Quart88 1/2
9 Quart9 1/410

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Heavy Duty Round Pail, Stainless Steel Q&A

What is the material of the pail?
The pail is made of heavy-duty stainless steel.
What are some key features of the pail?
Some key features include no seams, hidden rotating handles, and durability.
Can I use the pail during training sessions or hunting trips?
Yes, the stainless steel pails are suitable for use during training sessions and hunting trips.
What makes these pails safer than others?
These pails have hidden, rotatable handles, which help prevent them from getting caught on your dog's collar.
Are these pails appropriate for large dogs?
Yes, they are suitable for large dogs as well.
How secure are the handles on the pails?
The handles are securely hidden and rotate where they meet the pail, reducing potential risks.
What size dogs can use these stainless steel pails?
These pails can be used for dogs of all sizes.
How does the design prevent handle breakage?
The hidden, rotatable handle design prevents potential breakage from looping and exposure.
Can I use these pails in a kennel environment?
Yes, these stainless steel pails are perfect for use in a kennel environment.
How do the pails promote proper hydration for my dog?
The durable design and safe features of these pails ensure that your dog always has access to clean water, promoting proper hydration.

Item Specifications

Heavy Duty Round PailA durable pail, suitable for heavy usage.
Stainless SteelMaterial for the pail: rust-resistant, durable, and easy to clean.
Excellent for wateringIntended use: for providing water to canines during various situations.
Kennels, field, huntingLocations where the pail is particularly useful.
Best pailsHigh quality product; no seams that can separate.
Rotating handlesHandles that are built into the pail; easy for carrying and transport.
Hidden, not loopedHandles are concealed; reduces the risk of getting caught on a canine's collar.
Dog water bucket/pailOther names for the product.
Large dog water bucketThe pail is suitable for larger canines.
Stainless steel variationsOther stainless steel products for canine hydration: pail/bucket, dog water pail, water pail
Water bucket for dogsAnother name for the product.
Water pail for dogsAnother name for the product.
Water pail for dog cratesThe pail can also be used inside canine crates.

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Pails for Dogs

Introducing our durable and versatile Stainless Steel Pails, perfect for watering your dog in various situations like kennels, training sessions, or hunting. These pails offer the best hydration solution for your four-legged companion.

Say goodbye to flimsy pails with exposed handles that may catch your dog's collar. Our stainless steel pails have hidden, rotating handles making them safe and secure for daily use.

Designed with high-quality stainless steel, our pails are not only built to last but also have no seams that can separate, ensuring the utmost durability and longevity for continued use.