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  • Heavy Duty Feeding Dog Bowl, Stainless Steel

Heavy Duty Feeding Dog Bowl, Stainless Steel

Item #: 1332150-M
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Experience Durability with Heavy Duty Dog Bowls
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Introducing our Regular Heavy Duty Feeding Dog Bowl, a testament to enduring quality and design. Crafted from extra heavy stainless steel, this bowl is the epitome of resilience, withstanding the rough and tumble of everyday use. Whether tossed on the ground or knocked about in a trailer or kennel, our heavy-duty dog bowl retains its shape and form, proving itself as a favorite amongst professional dog trainers and serious amateurs.

Our feeding Dog Bowl is a masterclass in functionality and convenience. Designed to nestle seamlessly, it allows for easy storage, adding to its practicality. But the true charm of our bowl lies in its versatility. Available in a variety of size options - 1 Quart, 2 Quart, and 3 Quart, it caters to all dogs, irrespective of their size or feeding habits.

These Heavy Duty Feeding Dog Bowls are not just about durability, they are about providing the best for your canine companions. Perfect as an extra large stainless steel dog bowl or a large metal dog bowl, they serve as a reliable vessel for both food and water. This makes them an indispensable part of your dog's feeding routine.

Let your dog savor their feed in these hard-wearing, stainless steel dog bowls. Choose our Regular Heavy Duty Feeding Dog Bowl - a feeding solution that promises unparalleled durability and convenience. Embrace the ultimate heavy-duty stainless steel dog bowl designed for longevity, suited for both professional trainers and amateur pet owners.

Size Chart

OZCUPSSIZE (IN) (Width x Height)
1 Quart3246.5 x 3
2 Quart6488 x 3
3 Quart96129.25 x 3.5

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Heavy Duty Feeding Dog Bowl, Stainless Steel Q&A

What material is the dog bowl made of?
The dog bowl is made of extra heavy stainless steel.
Is the stainless steel dog bowl durable?
Yes, the bowl features long-lasting durability and can withstand rigorous use.
Who is this bowl suitable for?
The bowl is suitable for professional dog trainers and serious amateurs.
Why is this bowl ideal for travel?
The bowls feature nesting storage, making them easy to stack and store for travel.
Can the bowl withstand being tossed on the ground?
Yes, its heavy-duty construction allows it to withstand being tossed on the ground.
Is it easy to store?
Yes, it nests nicely for easy storage.
Can the bowl be used for both food and water?
Yes, it can be used for feeding and watering dogs.
What sizes are available?
Extra large sizes are available for bigger dogs.
Is the bowl suitable for outdoor usage?
Yes, it is ideal for extended outdoor usage and is resistant to wear and tear.
Can the bowl withstand being banged around in a trailer?
Yes, the heavy-duty stainless steel construction ensures its durability in such situations.

Item Specifications

MaterialHeavy-duty stainless steel
DurabilitySuitable for constant abuse during traveling
Used byProfessional dog trainers and serious amateurs
FieldField trial circuit
ResistanceResistant to being tossed on the ground, banged around in trailer or kennel
StorageNests nicely for easy storage
Product NamesRegular Heavy Duty Feeding Bowl, Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Dog Food Bowl
SizesExtra large
UsageDog food bowl and water bowls
Alternative NamesStainless steel bowls for dogs, heavy weight dog bowls, large metal dog bowl

Long-lasting Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Feeding Dog Bowl

Introducing the Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Dog Bowl, designed for enhanced durability and long-lasting use. Ideal for professional dog trainers and serious amateurs who require a reliable feeding solution.

Our state-of-the-art dog bowls are crafted from extra heavy stainless steel, providing excellent resistance to wear and tear. Designed to withstand the rigors of field trial circuits, travel, and kennel use, these bowls are the preferred choice for those who require durability.

Enjoy the convenience of nesting storage as you travel with our easy-to-stack heavy duty dog bowls. Toss them on the ground or in a trailer and trust their sturdy construction to stay intact for years to come.

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