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  • Bob Allen, High Prairie Hunting Shirt, Long Sleeve, Coffee/Orange

Bob Allen, High Prairie Hunting Shirt, Long Sleeve, Coffee/Orange

by Bob Allen Item #: 1262526-M
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Experience Comfort and Style with the Long-Sleeved High Prairie Hunting Shirt
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This long-sleeved Bob Allen High Prairie Hunting Shirt has been one of our favorites since it was introduced. The unique coffee color of the shirt contrasted with the orange of the reinforced shooting pad and forearms sets it apart from all other hunting shirts.

It is made of 100% cotton so you know it's comfortable and the button-down collar adds to the finished quality look.

You absolutely cannot go wrong with this shirt.
  • 100% Cotton
  • Reinforced forearms
  • Reinforced shooting pad
  • Button down collar
  • Right-handed

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Bob Allen, High Prairie Hunting Shirt, Long Sleeve, Coffee/Orange Q&A

What material is the High Prairie Hunting Shirt made of?
The shirt is made of 100% cotton.
What makes this shirt unique?
Its coffee color combined with an orange reinforced shooting pad and forearms sets it apart from other hunting shirts.
Is this shirt right-handed or left-handed?
The shirt is designed for right-handed individuals.
What type of collar does the shirt have?
It has a button-down collar.
What type of hunting is the shirt recommended for?
It's ideal for pheasant hunting.
What reinforcement features does the shirt have?
The shirt has reinforced forearms and a reinforced shooting pad.
Are the sleeves long enough for outdoor activities?
Yes, the sleeves are long enough for a comfortable outdoor experience.
Is this shirt only available in one color combination?
It is available in the coffee and orange color combination.
How does the shirt provide a polished look?
The button-down collar adds a finished quality look to the shirt.
Can both men and women wear this shirt?
This shirt is designed as a men's shooting shirt.

Item Specifications

BrandBob Allen
Product NameHigh Prairie Hunting Shirt
Sleeve StyleLong Sleeve
Unique FeatureCoffee color contrasted with orange reinforced areas
Material100% Cotton
Collar StyleButton-down collar
Reinforced AreasShooting pad and forearms
Suitable ActivitiesPheasant hunting
GenderMen's shooting shirt
Distinctive LookFinished quality appearance

Premium Bob Allen High Prairie Hunting Shirt: Coffee and Orange Long Sleeves

Introducing the Bob Allen High Prairie Hunting Shirt, a long-sleeved masterpiece in coffee and orange colors, designed for a unique and stylish look for hunting enthusiasts. The contrasting hue of the coffee-colored shirt, along with the orange reinforced shooting pad and forearms, sets this garment apart from all others. Made from 100% cotton, comfortability is guaranteed, as well as a button-down collar that ensures a polished look.

The High Prairie Hunting Shirt features reinforced forearms and a reinforced shooting pad for improved durability during outdoor activities. This right-handed men's shooting shirt is perfect for pheasant hunting, and its high-quality material guarantees ultimate satisfaction. Invest in a piece of apparel that not only looks great but also delivers excellent performance.

Bob Allen's High Prairie Hunting Shirt provides the ideal combination of style, function, and comfort. The coffee and orange color combination makes a statement, while the 100% cotton ensures you enjoy maximum comfort throughout the day. Don't miss out on this incredible outdoor gear that will undoubtedly enhance your hunting experience.

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