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  • Avery, Trainer's Dog Lead
  • Avery, Trainer's Dog Lead
  • Avery, Trainer's Dog Lead
  • Avery, Trainer's Dog Lead

Avery, Trainer's Dog Lead

by Avery Item #: 903202-M
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Train Your Retriever with Ease and Convenience
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Enhance your retriever's training sessions with the Avery Trainer's Dog Lead, a robust and durable training tool specially designed for maximum convenience and effectiveness.

Constructed from heavy-duty poly webbing, this 24-inch dog lead is built to withstand the energetic demands of any training session, ensuring lasting durability and strength. The comfortable length provides ease of control and maneuverability, allowing you to direct your dog without any hitches. Equipped with a 6-inch handhold loop, this lead offers a secure and comfortable grip, making your training sessions not only efficient but also enjoyable.

The standout feature of the Avery Trainer's Dog Lead is the quick-breakaway buckle. This unique detail enables the swift and safe release of your dog, providing an assurance that your pet is always securely tethered.

Vibrantly colored in Blaze Orange and sleek Camo, this dog lead also offers a touch of style. The bold colors not only improve visibility but also add a pop of personality to your retriever's training gear.

The Avery Trainer's Dog Lead transcends the functionality of a typical dog lead; it is a vital tool for every dog trainer. Whether you are training your dog for hunting or basic obedience, this lead provides a superior solution. Make the superior choice for your training needs with the Avery Trainer's Dog Lead by Avery Sporting Dog.
  • Quick-breakaway buckle
  • Coated zinc trigger snap
  • Heavy-duty poly webbing
  • 24” length with 6” loop

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Avery, Trainer's Dog Lead Q&A

What is the length of the Avery Trainer's Lead?
The Avery Trainer's Lead is 24 inches long.
What material is the lead made from?
The lead is made of heavy-duty poly webbing.
What is the purpose of the quick-breakaway buckle?
The quick-breakaway buckle allows for easy and fast release of your dog.
What kind of dogs is the Avery Trainer's Lead designed for?
It is designed for retrievers and sporting breeds.
What are the available colors for the Avery Trainer's Lead?
It is available in blaze orange and camo designs.
What is the length of the handhold loop?
The handhold loop is 6 inches long.
What kind of snap does the lead have?
The lead has a coated zinc trigger snap for secure attachment.
Is the lead easy to maintain?
Yes, the lead is easy to use and maintain.
Is the lead suitable for hunting dog training?
Yes, the lead is ideal for hunting dog training.
What type of training does the lead excel at?
The lead excels at bird dog, gun dog, and hunting dog training.

Item Specifications

Quick-breakaway buckleHelps you release your dog quickly
Coated zinc trigger snapSecure and durable attachment between lead and collar
Heavy-duty poly webbingOffers strength and durability
24" length with 6" loopIdeal for control and training during walks
Available in various colors and stylesAvery Blaze Orange Trainer's Lead, Avery Camo Trainer's Lead, etc.
Suitable for hunting and gun dogsUseful for retriever, bird dog, and hunting dog training
Comes in orange and camo color optionsEasy visibility and camouflaging

Effortless Retriever Training with the Avery Trainer's Dog Lead

Introducing the Avery Trainer's Lead, designed to make retriever training an effortless and convenient experience. This heavy-duty, 24-inch dog lead offers exceptional ease of use and control, ensuring your training sessions are more efficient and enjoyable.

Featuring a quick-breakaway buckle, the Avery Trainer's Lead allows you to release your dog with a simple click, giving you peace of mind and keeping your beloved pet safe. The lead is made of heavy-duty poly webbing and sports a 6-inch handhold loop, providing a firm grip and durability in various training environments.

Available in blaze orange and camo designs, the Avery Trainer's Lead is perfect for both bird dog and gun dog trainers, as well as hunting enthusiasts. The lead's coated zinc trigger snap ensures a secure connection, so you can focus on training your retriever without any worry or distraction.

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